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{Review} Why I still love my Instax Mini 9

Okay darlings, I am just going to start off by saying that I jumped on the Instax bandwagon rather late. You know those half broke, half on a budget theory that us workaday folk need to abide by. Nonetheless, I have always wanted an Instax and for some reason just couldn’t justify spending that amount of money on it. Sometime last year I came across a great deal on Takealot and found myself really wanting to buy myself the cute little camera… a few minutes of back and forth, in my cart it went and a couple of days later it got delivered to my say that I have been thoroughly enjoying my camera would be a total understatement. I have been taking some random snaps here and there and  can’t wait to snap even more. The main reason why I wanted the Instax is because – let’s face it, we live in the digital age and we end up taking so many pictures with our phones. All of these pictures seldomly gets looked at again or even remembered when you’re onto snapping your next “instagram-worthy” picture.

I think we or at least I have forgotten how beautiful physical prints are and not knowing what your pictures are going to come out looking like. I have always been drawn to the concept of polarized pictures. My love for it grew even more when I joined Pinterest and started seeing all of these beautiful room decor designs where girls would create the most stunning polaroid photo feature walls. city-girl-vibe-x-instax-mini-9-snapsThe Instax reminds me of the camera that my grandparents had way back when. You would snap your picture and it would ‘develop’ immediately. The only difference is that the Instax takes better images and it looks prettier than those bulky polaroid cameras that existed back in the 1950’s. The camera is quite easy to use. I just read the instructions manual (and mind you, I suck at reading instructions) and within a few minutes I was taking my first ever snap – which was of Batman of course. With the special that Takealot had, I paid a little bit under R1000 for my camera and I got a free bag and pack of film with it it. The Instax Mini 9 now retails for R1200. It might seem like it is pricey but it is worth every cent and you really will enjoy fave of mine is the variety of film available. As soon as my current film runs out, I am going to explore with more funky designs. I paid R100 for my film pack (also on special) but it currently retails for R120. I have been displaying my prints in a heart shaped stand up frame that I bought at IKEA in Dubai when I was there. I also purchased a few mini frames from Typo over the weekend, that holds one picture and I cannot wait to fill them. In the long run I am going to invest in a massive frame and put all of my little prints in there.

All in all, would I recommend the Instax Mini 9? Absolutely! A little splurging or even saving (like I did) –  is well worth it.


5 thoughts on “{Review} Why I still love my Instax Mini 9

  1. I love my Instax Mini 🥰 like you I was pretty late to the bandwagon and got it this past Christmas but I’ve put all the photos in a little album and they’re just beautiful, it seems to make even the dullest of photos gorgeous! Thanks for the post loved reading it!💕

    • Thanks so much for reading Kristie, I am so glad that you enjoyed my post. It’s so nice being able to go back and look at your beautiful prints! Enjoy the heck out of your little beauty, it’s so worth the hype… and us joining the Instax fam so late 😀

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