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#FindLoveInYourLanguage With Cadbury P.S.

Love may be a universal language but saying “I Love You” may be a little bit tricky for many. Not to worry! Here is where I come in… or rather Cadbury P.S. comes in to save the day. Since 1995 when Cadbury P.S. first launched in South Africa, it has been by our side to get us through many make-ups, romantic moments and even sharing a chocolate with your

This Valentine’s Day, Cadbury P.S. will be launching a series of limited edition chocolate bars that will help you utter the words “I Love You” in some of South Africa’s languages, including sign language. I remember the Cadbury P.S. being the very first Valentine’s Day gift that I ever received and it still remains one of my favourite chocolates to date. I popped into stores this past weekend and realized how much people really love Cadbury P.S. I wanted to pick up a few bars in other languages but it was sold out, so I bought the regular chocolate flavour bars instead. I did however manage to pick up the limited edition Caramilk flavour.


To add to the fun, Cadbury P.S. will be expressing even more love on social media through the MZANSI LOVE SONGS campaign. Cadbury P.S. are encouraging chocolate lovers to help them write the lyrics to the most heartfelt love songs this Valentine’s Day, that you could share with your loved ones and the rest of South Africa.

city-girl-vibe-x-cadbury-findloveinyourlanguageTo release that inner song writer in you, all you have to do is write and submit your lyrics to   If you don’t have a significant other (like me), you can write a song for your sister, bestie (I have celebrated Valentine’s Day with Cadbury P.S and my friend before) or mom. Cadbury P.S. is looking for song lyrics that are one of a kind, unique and never been heard before.  If you are struggling to write those lyrics, no worries, Cadbury P.S. has you covered, as you can select and share a song in your language that has already been created, just go to Submit your lyrics before the 8th February 2019, songs are limited, so don’t miss out! T’s&C’s apply.

For more information visit PS Website, or @CadburyPS on Facebook page or follow us on Twitter on @CadburyPSBar or on Instagram @cadburyps_bar


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