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Ur.u Honey Scent Bath Crystals

I have never ‘officially’ declared this but I am such a bath crystals girl. I adore them in each and every form and I have found them to be such nifty bath products that I can use for so many different things. To me, bath crystals are such underrated gems in the beauty world and when I discover a new one, from a brand that I’ve never heard of before and that smells as yummy as the one that I am reviewing in today’s post… you bet I’m gonna put it on my recommendation list.
Firstly, I’ve never heard of the Ur.u brand before. I have been searching the internet high and low since I started putting this product to the test but with little luck have I found anything about this brand. I wish I did so that that I can tell you darlings where to pick this up (I didn’t purchase this myself) as it is such a fantastic product that I know so many people would love. It also makes for such a stunning gift, well at least I know I would adore this as a gift –
Let me first start off with the scent of this bath crystals as it is the first thing that grabbed my attention. Imagine indulging your senses in a mixture of honey and caramel, with a vanilla undertone. Captivated yet? This smells exactly like my description. I’m not good at describing scents but this would be the most accurate that I’ve ever described a scent. It makes the water smell amazing and is not one of those overly sweet, headache inducing scents. I’d love this scent in a room and linen mist to be completely honest.
So the instructions suggests that you use one tablespoon of the bath crystals in your bathtub (holding it under running water) but seeing that I’m not bathing right now drought and all I love using these bath crystals in the shower as an exfoliator. My favourite thing is to put it in my foot spa and turning it to the “soak” option and just letting my feet soak and bask in the glory of this honey scented heaven.
city-girl-vibe-x-uru-honey-scent-bath-crystals-reviewAs you can see, there’s little flex of gold particles in these crystals – I can’t even begin to describe the beautiful glow that it gives your body, especially if you use it targeting a specific area. When it comes to my beauty products, I love using my items for more than what it’s been intended for. This product is no exception. If you’re a leg shaver like myself, bath crystals in general makes for great exfoliating. It removes those dead skin cells, prevents ingrown hairs and gives you that overall smooth feeling on the legs.
For bath crystals, this product is extremely moisturizing. You can feel the sweet almond oil just sinking into your skin; leaving it hydrated and soft. I never knew what was meant by “softening the water” until I used this product. The crystals really does give a calmness to your bath water (in my case, at home footspa water) and it feels quite luxurious.
Ps if you want your car smelling fresh, pop some bath crystals in a little mesh bag and place it in a spot where the sun shines on it. Have you heard of this brand before?

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