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{Lifestyle} Summer Favourites

As promised, today I am back with my last blog post in my ‘summer favourites’ series and I am focusing on “lifestyle” type products. If you want to play catch up on my previous posts – Beauty Summer Favourites and Fashion Summer Favourites, just click on the titles. Most of the products that I mention in this post is not items that are by any means new on the market but rather goodies that I have been eyeing for a while.

Now when it comes to lifestyle products, I tend to really see them as investment pieces as I will most probably use them quite often and because most of them are on the pricier side, I know that I have to really get good use out if up is my favourite bottle from Typo. In December I got a bit carried away at Typo and when I came across this bottle, I felt like it was the perfect item for the summer months. I have this obsession with water bottles and I love collecting pretty ones, needless to say that majority of my bottles come from Typo. I love making my ‘Future Life’ shakes in this bottle. Another fave thing about this bottle is the screw off cup on the bottom that I use to drink my shakes out of as it is too thick to pull through the straw. I also use the screw off top to store in some fruit or whatever ‘tickles my fancy’ on the, I have been wanting an Instax since forever. My main reason for this is because we or rather I am so enrobed in the digital way of doing things that I hardly ever pay attention to the little things like physical books or actual photographs. I emptied out my suitcase from my travels to the United Arab Emirates and found this heart stand up photo frame that I bought at IKEA. I thought that it was the perfect time to buy myself the Instax Mini as the frame is perfect for my little photographs. I have been using it A-L-O-T this summer holidays and I can’t wait to use it even more. It was a bit on the pricier side but I am happy that I purchased with my Instax, I bought this glass tumbler in a set of two from Takealot. I fell in love with these tumblers when I drank from one at a coffee shop that I was at sometime last year. Okay, I am just going to put it out there, for a girl on a budget… I can’t afford this. Or rather – I can’t afford to be spending R210 on a glass. To find a way to justify this expense, my sister and I decided to go halfsies on it. You guys, I don’t even regret it. I love how luxe it feels and looks. I put the glass in the fridge with my fave beverage and let it just chill and get cold. Another great thing is that this tumbler can hold hot and cold beverages. WINNING. city-girl-vibe-x-typo-lightboxAnother item from Typo is this light box that I picked up while they had their massive sale last year. I have always wanted a light box and even remember entering a competition to win one way back when I just started out blogging, sadly I didn’t win the comp – haha. Btw: these boxes make for great light sources when Eskom decided to act up and they also make pretty decorative pieces or blog props. These light boxes work with both electricity and batteries and is one of my favourite items in my working space.

That is a wrap up of all my favourite lifestyle items. These items will probably change around during the year and I am thinking of making this a seasonal series, with the next one being in May/June for autumn. Please check out my previous two posts to take a looksee and see what my favourite Beauty and Fashion favourites are for summer.


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