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{Beauty} Summer Favourites

Hello Darlings! Happy New Year! Rather late than never, right? Right. I hope you all eased into the new year with comfort and that 2019 is going to be magical. I am back! You guys, I was holiday-ing so hard and just generally enjoying the summer holidays with my friends and family, that it was really hard to just picture myself behind a screen typing away. I had so much content planned for the December holidays but I only managed to publish a few posts. Not to worry, I will still upload that content, I just need to adjust it a bit and make a few changes by updating, I shopped a lot over my holiday break and I have been loving a few beauty, fashion and lifestyle items. I decided that I wanted to share it on the blog and let you know what’s worth spending your coin on. I divided my favourites into 3 posts (fashion, beauty and lifestyle) and today I will be sharing my fave beauty products with you darlings.

First up are my two most loved matte lipsticks. I featured these two lipsticks in my “lippies I’m love at the moment”. These two lippies are from the ‘Just Be Gorgeous’ range and are super affordable. When I say super affordable, I mean under R20. I did a full review on these two lipsticks last year and I can highly recommend it to you. I am not really a matte lip product kind of girl but the formulation of these lipsticks are definitely up there with the up is the Revolution palette. I am not even exaggerating when I say that this is my ultimate palette in my entire collection and if you’re a regular then you would know that I have a lot! If I had to choose just one palette that I would have to use for the rest of my life then it would be this one. The palette is stunning, from the gold glitter packaging on the outside, to the pigmentation and formulation of the shadows itself. I won’t go into too much detail on this palette as I have a full post dedicated to it and a makeup look featuring it. I picked this palette up at Clicks for under R250 and it is worth every little up are these two makeup brushes from a brand called ‘Warm Heart’. I have never heard of this brand before but I found this powder brush in 749 and packer brush in 711 at my local Jet store on sale for under R15 each. I definitely don’t need any more brushes in my collection but these brushes were a steal and let’s face it… you can never have too many makeup brushes unless when you have to wash them. These synthetic bristle brushes picks up product beautifully and I haven’t experienced any shedding from it even after a few with my Lasting Finish foundation that I have been using for a year now. This is such an affordable foundation and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good drugstore foundation. As I have been using this foundation for over a year now, I came to the realization that this foundation is not designed for people with oily skin like me but I don’t mind powdering and blotting my face throughout the day, as I really like the finish and medium coverage that this foundation offers. I did a full review on this foundation before, check it out over here. For the life of me; I can’t seem to find my perfect shade and I am somewhat between the shade “medium beige” and “toast”. One pump of each of these shades mixed together and I get my perfect shade. I picked this foundation up at Edgars for palette that I picked up at Jet was this ‘Mezmerize’ palette. I grabbed this palette on a whim as it was quite affordable and the shades just ‘spoke to me’. You can’t get a full look out of this palette as there are only satin shimmers in this palette and no matte shades. I can however tell you that the shadows in the palette can be comparable to some of my higher end shadows. There is a tiny bit of fallout when using this palette with a brush but I find that when I pat these shadows on the lid with my finger, I get little-to-no fallout. I am obviously not a fan of the type of applicator that you find in this palette but it doesn’t bother me as I don’t usually use any of the applicators that I get with my palettes. Another pro about this mini palette is that it is not tested on animals. YAY!!!city-girl-vibe-x-ponds-white-beauty-pearl-cleansing-gelAnother product that I have blogged about previously is this face wash from Ponds. I have found a store that imports it and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg as retailed by Wantitall. This facewash to me is the perfect gentle face wash for summer, that doesn’t irritate my skin and is quite effective. It smells really good and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Even though it is effective, it also doesn’t strip the skin from its natural oils but rather removes all of those excess grease and dirt on/in the I have another Revolution product that I wanted to give a go at. I am not very big on primers as I haven’t found one that I love 100%. I will do a full review on this priming water as well when I do my review on the Revolution palette. This aqua based primer water is perfect for someone that uses a lot of powder on the face (like me) and it also works great at intensifying eyeshadows. Without going too much into detail, I just know that this is a product that many makeup users and lovers would adore.

And that is a wrap up of all my favourite beauty products for the summer months. Have you used any of the products that featured on my list? If so, what are your thoughts on it?







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