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{Review} Mini Oh So Heavenly Haul

Back in the day when I just started blogging, Oh So Heavenly used to be my go to brand that I purchased to review on the blog. Heck, Oh So Heavenly used to be my “lifesaver brand”  when it came to birthday gifts, mothers day presents and any other occasion that my student budget allowed for in terms of gifting. I wanted to share with you darlings, a quick few products that I think is the perfect gift for your teen daughter, sister, cousin or even making the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas. city-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-haulIf you’re too afraid to venture out into shopping malls right now, you can shop online at Clicks – which is also the only stockist of the Oh So Heavenly brand. The reason why I think this particular selection of OSH products would be the perfect gift for a teenage girl/college student is because it smells quite sweet and definitely the kind of scent I was into when I was a tad younger. I feel like more mature women won’t appreciate this type of scent as it is more ‘playful’. I could be wrong. Enough with the rambling, the first product that I will be reviewing is…

Double The Yum Body Washcity-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-body-washIf you love bubble gum scented products then you are going to be a huge fan of this fragrance. It really does smell exactly like bubble gum and it lingers for a long time. This is the type of body wash that I think makes for a lovely night’s sleep after a hot shower. I prefer this type of scents when going to bed at night. I squeeze a generous amount of this body wash onto my loofer and wash my body in circular motions in order to lather the product up. This body wash is also very moisturising on the skin but it works even better with the body lotion. It’s summer time in South Africa and no one wants to walk around with ashy legs and arms, right? right! This product retails for R23.00.

Sweet Life Waterless Hand Cleansercity-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-sweet-life-waterless-hand-cleanseIf you’re from Cape Town or have visited in the past year then you would know that we are currently in a drought. This has forced us to take drastic measures in terms of saving water and nifty products like this make this process easier. It’s a bonus when it smells this good. This waterless hand cleanser is such a handbag staple and if you’re not a handbag wearer, keep one of these on deck when you’re in your car or even at your desk. I remember Oh So Heavenly hand sanitizers being one of the first products that I ever tried from the brand and it still remains one of my favourites. All I do is squeeze a pea size amount onto my hands and have my hands smelling refreshed and feeling clean. My hands don’t feel sticky at all and what I love about this cleanser is that it doesn’t smell very acidic or like my hands are drenched in alcohol as with most waterless cleansers like this. This product retails for R17.99 and you’re guaranteed 70 uses from one 90ml bottle.

Candy Carnival Foam Bathcity-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-candy-carnival-foam-bathIf you don’t like using the little bottles of body washes that you get in hotels, then I think this foam bath will be the perfect companion for you. The foam bath however doesn’t lather up as much as the body wash but I love using this product as a handwash as well. There are definitely foot soaks in the Oh So Heavenly range but this product is another favourite of mine when it comes to my footspa. This foam bath forms part of the carnival candy range which means its supposed to smell like cotton candy but when I smell it, I smell vanilla and strawberry cupcake frosting. Out of all of the scents, this one is my favourite. I am not entirely sure about the price of this product but it retails for under R30 and makes for a great addition to a gift.

Vanilla Delight Indulgent Body Lotioncity-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-vanilla-delight-indulgent-body-lotionFor a body lotion, I have to say that this is quite a huge step in another directions when it comes to my type of fragrance. I don’t see this as a day time body lotion (for me personally) as I like more fresher scents and this body lotion would clash with my perfume. What I do love about this body lotion is how hydrating it is. I especially love slathering it all over my legs when I get out of shower and after I shave my legs. I don’t however like this body lotion on my hands as it can get a bit sticky. The proof is absolutely in the name of this body lotion as it smells like delightful vanilla cupcakes from Woolies. This body lotion retails for R24.99.

Candy Carnival Body Creamcity-girl-vibe-x-oh-so-heavenly-candy-carnival-body-creamI have been on this hand lotion gravy train all of 2018 and I find that I have a hand lotion for every living space in my life. One in my car, one in my handbag, one in the bathroom, one on my bedside table… you get where I am going with this? alright. So this may not be a hand lotion per se but is so so so so good for my cuticles and putting moisture back into my hands. At night after I complete the mundane and unglamorous task of doing the dishes I wish I had a dishwasher my hands kind of feel worse for wear. I put a good amount of this all over my hands and I am left with luxurious and super soft hands that smells like I have been eating all the yummy goodies at a carnival. This product is a tad bit more thicker in consistency compared to the body lotion and it has more of a whipped consistency. It retails for R26.99 for a 250ml tub which’ll last you a long time as you don’t require much to hydrate your hands. The same principle applies for using it on the body, it is super hydrating and sinks into the skin effortlessly without leaving it greasy.

Those are my current Oh So Heavenly favourites. I don’t use all of these products at the same time or else I’d smell like a unicorn pooped all over me which sounds so appealing to me but what I do know is that I smell really good when I go to bed at night. My sheets also smell oh so heavenly!… pun intended. There are quite a few really stunning gift ideas in the OSH range such as gifts sets or you can choose a whole bunch of products and make up a gift hamper for a loved one for Christmas. All of the products are extremely affordable and I know if I were to receive OSH products as a Christmas gift then I would be really chuffed.




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