Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: The Playsuit

The other day I was flipping through some old family albums and came across a cute picture of my mom back in the early 90’s where she was rocking this damn cute playsuit… or if your parentals are from the 60’s like mine, a romper. It reminded me so much of an Adam Selman romper that I saw on the runway back in Spring and I was living for it! As the United States are a few months ahead of us in terms of season and fashion, I knew playsuits would be a huge hit when I saw so many celebrities wearing different variations of this trend.

What a long way the romper has come. The romper first making made an appearance in the early 1900’s and were mostly worn by children as it was deemed ‘ideal for movement’ when kids were going about their day and having fun. Now on the other hand, fast forward a few decades later, the playsuit is labeled as the perfect garment for work and play and I can definitely see many fashion enthusiasts getting in on the trend. city-girl-vibe-x-2018-playsuit-trend-south-africaI am not gonna lie, the playsuit is not exactly the ideal garment to wear when you need to go the restroom in a mall or a restaurant but it does give you a certain type of je ne sais quoi to make you turn heads, yet feel and look super chic. Hey, if you feel okay sitting half naked in a public restroom, I say “LONG LIVE THE ROMPER!”. Playsuits really have evolved alot over the years and we’ve witnessed them come and go over the decades but with the comeback of so many classic fashion pieces, I am enjoying the many fabrications that playsuits come in.

I really had fun doing my Fashion Friday sourcing this week because I tried to find pieces that would be appropriate for a relaxed day of exploring or laying on the beach, an office ready romper, a christmas day lunch with the family and the perfect one to ring in the the new year. As you can see, these are pretty well prices (in my opinion) as you are basically paying for a two-in-one outfit. All you need to do is add a pair of shoes and you’re good to go. Or if you’re feeling super bad and boujee, add some accessories and go to town with it!city-girl-vibe-x-celebs-wearing-the-romperOkay, so my modest dressers are probably giving me the side eye right now but I have you covered (excuse the pun)! Just remember, a jumpsuit is a more modest version of a playsuit. I bought myself a really stunning one from Superbalist last week, as they have quite a huge variety of really great jumpsuits and playsuits at the moment. For my celebrity inspiration this week, I wanted to pull a few looks that brought my vision to life on how I thought the playsuit would be the perfect garment this summer holidays. I am particularly loving Kim K’s take on the romper and I can totally see this as a NYE outfit for a night out on the town.

Whether you like it or not, the adult onesie is going to be one of the hottest fashion items this summer in South Africa. What is your thoughts on the romper/playsuit? Love it or Leave it?


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