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{Review} Revlon Colorsilk at home hair dye kit + Before – After pictures.

As you read the title of this post, cringing at the fact that I dye my hair at home… yes! I am fearless like that. I am an avid at home hair colorist (colourist, if you’re South African) and I have been doing it FOR YEARS. Let me just slow down a little bit so that I can tell you why I decided to dye my hair this time. In 2017 my hair really took a good beating. I went from my natural ashy brown hair, to red, then blonde, then back to red and then my hair tapped out for the count. To be completely honest, my hair tapped out at the blonde already. At the time I thought that blonde was a good idea and Thank G** I didn’t do the job myself or else it would’ve been a catastrophe. The thing with the blonde situation is that it looked stunning but my hair didn’t feel healthy. Breakage was another Sometime in 2017, I decided to cut my hair and for majority of 2018 I spent the time trying to get my hair healthy again. After months of being so tempted to colour my hair, I decided to try out the Colorsilk range from Revlon. I don’t usually use just any brand of hair dye because I have had my fair share off eff ups with even expensive brands but because I am a firm believer in the Revlon brand, I decided to give this at home kit a go. To give you an idea of my natural hair colour and how my hair got to this shade, this is what my hair colour was before I dyed it.

I used to use no other at home hair colour kit besides Schwarzkopf Palette Deluxe and I know you probably shouldn’t be putting a price on your hair but it was getting a tad bit pricey. I then stumbled upon this range and decided to give it a go. For my length and strand of thickness, I bought two boxes and there was alot of dye left but I slathered my hair in the remaining dye. I paid about R60 per box when Pick n Pay had their 2 for 1 special and I thought that it was quite a huge bargain and the perfect time to test it out.

I am not completely sure what “3D Color Gel Technology” is but apparently that is used in the dye. If you’re looking to cover those stubborn gray hairs, this kit promises to do just that!

city-girl-vibe-x-revlon-colorsilk-hair-dye-in-shade-51-ligthbrownVoila! This is how it turned out. In direct sunlight, my hair looks way more vibrant and shiny. I have to say that I am mighty impressed by the colour pay off. I dyed my hair a month ago and wanted to wait until I reviewed this kit in order to see if the colour faded and I am happy to report that it didn’t fade at all. I only have some slight regrowth at the root and will most likely do a touch up sometime next month. This hair dye is also enriched with apple extract.

Now for the big question: Does my hair feel ‘different’? To be quite frank, when my hair is wet (after shampooing), it definitely feels drier in terms of texture but as soon as I put on conditioner, my hair feels silky smooth and easily detangled. I have not experienced any breakage or my hair falling out like when I had the would suggest you get a good conditioner if you decide to use this kit because your hair can feel quite dry if not well moisturized. I am currently using the Revlon Flex – Balance conditioner with silk and keratin protein. It gives your hair a healthy shine and strengthens your hair. It is not a colour protecting conditioner but I found it to be the only conditioner to make my hair feel nourished. The best thing about the Revlon Flex conditioner? It retails for under R30!

If you want an idea of what my hair looks like in direct sunlight, you can look at my 4 second video at the Halls event. Would I recommend the Revlon Colorsilk range? Absolutely!


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