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For my first post for the last month of the year, I wanted to do some sort of a catch up post. Uh, I don’t want to sound all cliche like and utter those “where has the year gone” so I thought that I would rather do some reflecting, catching up and letting you know what to expect from me and the blog in the next few weeks. My content will definitely be more holiday themed (not “Christmassy” at all) for the rest of the year and some awesome places to visit/see in the city.

You guys, 2018 has been rough. Definitely not my best year but I won’t throw it to the dogs either because I have had it worse. I must admit – even though the year started off rocky, it is shaping up to end off quite good… for me at least. Mentally, emotionally and physically – I am in a good place and I pray that it carries through to 2019. I am excited for the new year and I can honestly say that I feel (and hope) that 2019 will be a good year.

With that being said, tomorrow I shoot all of my review content for the rest of 2018 because December is always my busiest month of the year. This is why I love December in the city! I am always somewhere, doing something with someone and I don’t want the blog to suffer. Which reminds me. Thank you so much to all of my new subscribers and readers. I am not a views counter but November has been a great month for City Girl Vibe.  city-girl-vibe-x-cape-town-seapoint-promenade-sunset-walkAs I mentioned, December is all about exploring for me. Now that it is getting darker a bit later, I find myself wanting to go for long walks and doing some sightseeing. I have somewhat adopted a ‘Dora the explorer” mentality with my backpack and have found myself all over the city doing some fun things. I will most definitely be sharing alot of it on the blog in the next few weeks.

One of my favourite things to do and places to visit in December is going for sunset walks on the Promenade. Every weekend I round up my favourite people and we take a walk right down the Seapoint strip and it truly is breathtaking witnessing Cape Town’s beautiful sunsets, I could kick myself for not including it into ‘My favourite spots to catch the Cape Town sunset‘ post.

If you’re visiting Cape Town this holidays or even if you’re Capetonian, grab a picnic basket and enjoy the Cape sunset or bring your fur babies for a walk on the Seapoint Promenade. We could all do with a little bit of “Vitamin Sea” and fresh air. Right? Right!

city-girl-vibe-x-batman-the-kitten2Just the other day on my Twitter I mentioned how in January this year I only had one cat and now I have 5. Batman happens to be the 5th addition to our family. Before I get into the story about Batman, let me just elaborate a little further. We started off the year with one cat, Ginger Snap and then before we knew it, Ginger Snap’s pregnant girlfriend moved in. At the end of Jan we had two new kittens. In November, Ginger Snap’s girlfriend gave birth to another two kittens (one died) and Batman was one of them. Mind you, Batman’s dad is not Ginger Snap. You guys! We have a Cheaters and Jerry Springer situation on our hands… feline style!

Now back to this Batman character; Batman is actually a girl. Batman is 2 months old this week and for about the first 6 weeks of her life we thought that she was a boy and we named her Batman because… obvs. She looks like Batman, colour and all. At 6 weeks old we took her to the PDSA for her shots and to see if she was healthy and SURPRISE SURPRISE the veterinarian told us that he was in fact a she. We tried correcting the situation and called her Batgirl but she refuses to respond to that name and only responds when we call her Batman. So somewhere in a medical cabinet at the PDSA in my area is a file with the name Batman for a female kitten. Batman LOVES LOVES LOVES pictures and she is such a poser. Fun fact: Batman was stolen twice (we let her run free and play in our garden) in her short lifespan and both times she got returned because she was too mischievous. I am kind of a proud mom and somewhat embarrassed.

In a nutshell, this is what’s been happening in my life lately and a few other goodies that I will maybe be sharing in some posts in the next few weeks. Before I carry on with with some new reviews and exploration posts, I just wanted to leave you with this one line: May the tears you cried and the hardships that you faced in 2018 be the nourishment to the soil in 2019.



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