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Lippies I’m loving at the moment #6

In mid September I did a roundup of all my favourite lippies but heck, I have been in such good luck with discovering new products lately. With my top picks this time around, I definitely went back to my bold lipstick roots. I can’t resist a good bold lippie when I see it. As always, my choices are quite affordable and there is something for everyone. All of the lip products that I am featuring today are currently in stores as I have purchased it in the past ±3 weeks. I have been using these products in rotation and together and they really are some great my lippie choices today I have two lipsticks, two tinted lip-balms and a clear lip-balm. I decided to choose five products under R50. These are all products that I haven’t used before but the Lip Ice brand is definitely a firm favourite of mine since primary school. First up…

Lip Ice – Summer Meloncity-girl-vibe-x-lipice-summer-melonOn my recent Dischem haul I picked up this Lip Ice lip-balm in the summer melon variant. I thought that it was such a perfect and seasonal appropriate fragrance and name. I have done a full review on quite a few Lip-Ice products that I received a few years ago but this is a new one that I haven’t tried yet. This lip-balm is super hydrating as we’ve come to know and love the Lip Ice brand to be. It smells sweet and fruity and has a slight tint to it. I love wearing it over a nude matte lipstick when I feel like I need a little moisture in my lips. I paid R22.95 for it and I think that it is quite affordable for a good quality lip product.

Just Be Gorgeous Matte Lipstick in the shade Cherry Colacity-girl-vibe-x-just-be-gorgeous-lipstick-in-cherry-colaThis is a lipstick that I picked up at Fashion World a few weeks back. If I had to choose one shade that I had to wear on my lips forever, this would be it. This ‘Just Be Gorgeous’ range is not the same as the one that is stocked at Jet. I haven’t worn a matte lipstick in a hot minute and I have to say that this may be the best matte lipstick that I have ever tried… or at least in the top 3. It is quite comfortable on the lips and very pigmented. I have worn it for hours and I always get a even fade from it – without it looking patchy or flaky. I can’t remember the exact price that I paid for it but it was under R20. This lippie has a purple undertone to it and it definitely makes for the perfect vampy lip. It may not be a “summer appropriate” lip but I am living for it! The scent of it reminds me of strawberry chewing gum, but it’s not very pungent and it fades when on the lips.

Lip Ice – Strawberry Sorbetcity-girl-vibe-x-strawberry-sorbetI am in love with this range of Lip-Ice lip-balms. This is another one of my Dischem haul products that I also picked up for R22.95. I don’t think that this is a new release but all of the names in this range is quite “summery”. Strawberry sorbet gives your lips the most beautiful hydrating burst of pink colour. It looks great worn on it’s own or even over a very drying red lipstick. This lip-balm smells exactly like the strawberry Labello and I love love love it as the strawberry Labello remains my top lip-balm of all time. I see this as the perfect lip product for when you’re running errands and don’t feel like faffing about with a lipstick or lipgloss.

Just Be Gorgeous – Red Matte Lipstickcity-girl-vibe-x-just-be-gorgeous-red-lipstickSo I can’t remember the name of this lippie shade as I yanked off the sticker with the name on it the day that I got it. If you want to see what it looks like on the lips then you can check out my “What’s in my staycation bag” post. I bought this lipstick at Fashion World as well. I stand by my word that every girl should own at least one red lipstick. This lippie – just like the other JBG lippie is quite long wearing and pigmented. It gives your lips a smooth finish and doesn’t settle in the fine lines of your lips as most matte lipsticks do. This is a straight up red lippie and I feel like it could be universally flattering on most skin types. Definitely give Fashion World’s beauty section a closer look. There are some amazing gems.

Dexe Pineapple Lip-balmcity-girl-vibe-x-dexe-lipbalmThis lippie I picked up at Dischem as well. This can apparently be a dupe for EOS lip-balms. This is my first sphere shaped balm and I was quite eager to give it a go because I’ve never tried a pineapple scented lip-balm before. Not only did they get the scent spot on but it actually tastes like pineapple as well. I love the hydration that it gives my lips and I prefer wearing it at night. When you wake up in the morning you can actually feel your lips feeling alot smoother and if you’re a lipstick wearer like me, it makes for great overnight priming for a matte lippie. At the fraction of the price of an EOS lip-balm, this retails for R17.95. I must admit, at first opening this balm was quite a mission. I thought that it needed to be pinched off but alas… it’s a turning contraption. Also, whoever sees this and isn’t familiar with EOS is so intrigued by the packaging. Yep, it’s a crowd pleaser and I am a fan of it.

That’s a wrap up of all my fave lip products! Have you tried any of them before?


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