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Fashion Friday: The Denim Mini Skirt

Okay, so before I get into the ramblings of today’s post and some convincing as to why you need one the season’s hottest skirt trends for 2018, let me just apologize for how late today’s post is. I am not too keen on posting so late in the afternoon/evening but today I reckoned that I would make an exception because alot of the pieces that I am recommending is on sale… you know, #BlackFriday things. Nonetheless, I usually start working on my Fashion Fridays late on a Thursday night and into the mornings on a Friday but as soon as the clock hit 12, each and every site started crashing because of the volume of visitors looking for that Black Friday deal and I just couldn’t seem to get back on to pull a few more pieces to do my FF.


Here I am. After countless times of hitting refresh – I am about to tell you about a trend that is should be on everyone’s radar. I don’t know if you’ve noticed how almost each and every store is stocking the denim mini and not just in the teens section but for women as well. The mini skirt in general never really went “out of fashion”. It was just not as popular over the last few years as it is now that the in crowd-a-la-Kardashians/Jenners are wearing it. To me, the denim mini skirt is suitable for all body types. You just have to find the one that you can slay oh gosh I hate that word, please forgive me in and that you feel comfortable in. city-girl-vibe-x-denim-mini-skirt-trend-2018I remember the denim mini being so popular in the 2000’s after we saw Britney and Justin in that all denim outfit. Heck, we all wanted to be Britney. No? only me? okay then. I begged my mom to buy me a denim mini but the answer was always NO. what a time it was. From begging in the 2000’s for a denim mini skirt to it now popping again in 2018, who would’ve thought that the denim mini skirt would make such a comeback? A comeback that has us 2000’s teens riddled with nostalgia. The denim mini skirt was the go-to outfit in high school, paired with a t-shirt and a choker. not too far fetched in comparison to how it is worn now.

Stepping away from it looking tacky and grungy and refining it just a little bit. The transformation to this little denim number is there. Paired with the classic white shirt and a pair of heels, the denim mini skirt is now even office appropriate. The denim mini also comes in a plethora of colours but today I decided to focus on the classic blue denim that I believe everyone should have as a staple piece in their collection. Maybe not the mini but the colour. As I mentioned, I pulled a few of my favourite pieces from stores and online stores that (some) are on sale as part of their Black Friday promotion. Don’t sleep on this trend or bargain! It’ll be gone in just a few you know that famous designers boycotted the mini back in the early 1960’s? Heck! The mini was so politicized that women had to protest for their right to wear the mini. Denim mini skirts never really faded but it became one of those pieces that ‘we’ would just have in our cupboard and then every few years when it became popular again like in the late 90’s when the Spice Girls became a thing, it would resurface again and then just disappear again until the Britney and Justin moment and now back in 2018 with pop culture enthusiasts like the celebs above.

With the cool kids in fashion embracing this trend, raised hemlines will definitely be one of the hottest trends this season. It is a matter of time (or weather) before the mini will be on your lust list. For relaxed outfits, I can see fashion followers pairing it with their Vans, choker, slogan t-shirts and tiny sunglasses.

What are you thoughts?


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