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{Review} Head & Shoulders – Instant Relief Spray

Currently my scalp is going through the gigs. I usually have a ‘problematic’ scalp when the season changes but we have been well into spring/summer and I haven’t introduced any new products into my haircare routine, so I digress. This means that I have to wash my hair more regularly (but not overwash) in order to prevent my scalp flaking and flake buildup. I have mentioned before that I have very mild eczema on my scalp and with the proper products, I can actually keep the flaking at bay. Today I will share one of those products that makes that job just a little bit easier.

Last week I told you darlings that I went a little overboard on the Dischem website when I was doing some online shopping and one of the products that I happen to pop into my cart was this instant relief spray from Head & Shoulders. I have been using Head & Shoulders shampoo for YEARS, so adding this product to my cart was a no brainer. This instant relief spray is labeled as ‘African scalp & hair care’, which is part of their hair care range that was released in 2016 – specifically designed for women of colour. city-girl-vibe-x-head-shoulders-african-scalp-hair-care-_-instant-relief-sprayThis scalp spray comes in the menthol variant, which I love and if you squint closely in the above picture then you would see that the menthol variant shampoo is my go-to Head & Shoulders product. Just a quick headsup: The menthol variant is not for everyone as it can leave a burning sensation on the scalp. Me on the other hand? I find it quite soothing for my scalp and it relieves the itching that I experience from time to time.

On the instructions at the back of the bottle, it states that you should use the instant relief spray everyday but to be completely honest – I only use it when I “need it”. I wash my hair every 3 days and on day 2 I will spray this onto my scalp and then massage it in. I can feel it soothing my scalp instantly and relieving the itchiness. It also does a great job at moisturizing dry areas, which I have even experienced along my hairline. This is a leave-in product so you don’t wash it out of your hair. This product is also not a substitute for washing your hair and it’s not going to work its magic if your hair is not clean and has dandruff build up caused by your hair needing a good o’l washing. city-girl-vibe-x-head-shoulders-african-scalp-hair-care-_-instant-relief-spray-reviewI love love love the scent of this spray. It smells exactly like the shampoo and it just gives your hair this nice burst of freshness. You get a whiff of it the entire day and it doesn’t fade into nothing. Even though it is a scalp moisturizing product, I didn’t find it to make my hair greasy at all and I have greasy hair to begin with (even one day after washing it). Surprisingly I only have mild eczema on my scalp, eyebrows and behind my years and I am grateful that I don’t have it as severe as alot of people do and having a product like this to relieve some of that itchiness is a true gem.

The little nozzle on the bottle spritz the product quite concentratedly on the area that you focus it so you won’t be left with product spraying everywhere. Seeing that I have eczema in my brows, I like spritzing a tiny bit of this instant relief spray onto my brows and ruffing it through – especially at night before going to bed. I paid around R60-R70 for the 95ml bottle and you might feel like it is pricey but believe me when I say that it is absolutely worth it!


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