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What’s in my staycation bag?

This post has been a long time brewing! This time of the year I tend to be on the go A-L-O-T and in between crappy internet connections and just not having the strength to struggle to get my content to upload, I just kept putting it on the back burner. In a few weeks time you will probably see so many people go on holiday. If you’re nosy like me and wonder what they carry in their staycation bags, don’t worry darlings… I’ll show you what I carry in mine.

And when I say “I’ll show you what I carry in mine”, I really mean it. I’m not going to show you the nice things like the designer perfumes, the silk robes, fluffy slippers and all that. I am going to show the real thing. Let me get very real with you for one second, that is not how I travel. I travel with the things I need because I hate going out to buy things that I most probably already have at home and I hate realizing that I forgot something at home. Now we’re going to get a little bit very personal on the blog because I am going to show you my little obsession with powder and even my fave R50 sneakers that I picked up from Pick n Pay Clothing. It’s not “The Gram” worthy but it’s my ultimate faves. City Girl Vibe - What is in my staycation bag - CopySo when I do my little staycations, I like being comfy. Honestly, if it screams uncomfy then I am not packing it. I usually like wearing the same shoes because I feel like shoes take the most space and just easy clothes that doesn’t require ironing. On check-in day, I usually take all of my pictures (if I am reviewing the place on the blog) and then unpack my little carry-on because I don’t do well with the ‘living out of a suitcase’ business. My new favourite thing is switch a handbag for a backpack because I can put more goodies in there and my staples like my perfume, brush and hand cream are in there. Before I crack into my bag, let me just point out that I am so wearing two trends that I recently covered in my Fashion Friday series which are Slogan T-shirts and The Paperbag Skirt.city-girl-vibe-staycation-bag1Here we go! Nothing glamorous, nothing expensive but just my favourite things to travel with. In my bag you will find:

  • 2-3 sets of clothes (in the zipped up comportment)
  • Some undies.
  • My pjs.
  • My silk robe… which is probably the only fancy thing in there.
  • My Pick n Pay Clothing sneakers. Gosh I love those shoes! I am definitely not a brand whore and some of my fave items are from lower end stores or items found on sale.
  • A new underarm that I am trying out from Dove. I can now say that I prefer the Cucumber variant and the Beauty Finish one – way way way more.
  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder… I am a fan.
  • My Britney Spears Fantasy Fine Mist Fragrance.
  • Mixa Body Lotion for very dry skin.

city-girl-vibe-staycation-bag11Lastly, I have my makeup bag. I have had this “makeup bag” since I last travelled overseas and flew with Emirates. I decided to use it for makeup because it was big enough to fit all of my makeup essentials in and it just had this beautiful Arabic calligraphy on it that Emirates is known for. In there is currently no new makeup products in and mostly some of my Citi Girl makeup and some old faves.

Sometimes the contents of my bag will change, especially when I am testing out new products, the weather decides to do a complete three-sixty or if I am planning on doing some exploring. This is what I packed for my last Staycation and I will most probably do an updated post like this the next time I have a mini staycation in the city.



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