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{Launch} Halls XS – #FlipPopGo

Happy Tuesday darlings! Now that I am back into my weekday routine of healthy eating and wanting all the ‘yummy stuff’, I have to tell you about my new favourite handbag essential that keeps those cravings at bay. I am referring to the new Halls XS sugar free candy that comes in three yummy flavours. city-girl-vibe-x-halls-xsAnyone that knows me, would tell you that I am a die hard Halls fan and when I heard that new flavours were being launched, I got very a little giddy. The new Halls XS comes in Mentholyptus, Lime and Watermelon flavours and each variant having a different level of cooling intensity.city-girl-vibe-x-halls-media-breakfastThis past weekend, Halls invited me to a media breakfast at Tashas – where we learned all about the Halls XS candy. Did I mention that they are sugar free? Well, I am going to say it again. THEY ARE SUGAR FREE! At the media breakfast, we also got invited to partake in the FLIP.POP.GO activation in the Centre Court.

This is how it worked: You go into this booth and then get a countdown and you would then get your 360 degree picture taken. This what my friend and I came up with…

We got “married” in friendship, where she popped the question with the Mentholyptus flavour – which is our favourite one. In October and November Halls fans were encouraged to head down to selected malls across the country (sadly it’s over now) where they got to take their 360 picture and share it on social media to win Superbalist vouchers! city-girl-vibe-x-halls-va-activationThe new Halls XS is a mini sweet/candy that comes in this super convenient container that you can just flip and pop open with one hand and holds 25 in the container. I love popping one into my mouth whenever I am craving something sweet and I have to say that the Halls XS mini really does the trick.

After the media breakfast, we got some really cool personalised Tomy Takkies that represented our blog. Mine had skyscrapers on it and I love it so much – to the point where I am never going to wear it and put it on display in an acrylic box on a shelf. city-girl-vibe-x-halls-flip-pop-goIt is safe to say, gone are the days where Halls were deemed lozenges. We now get to enjoy them in a variety of different flavours, sizes and shapes. I can’t wait to see what new things the brand comes out with.

If you want to see some more images of the 360 booth in action, visit http://hallsflippopgo.co.za/ .

For more about Halls XS, visit the Halls South Africa Facebook page.


Twitter: @HallsSA

Instagram: @Halls_SA


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