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Fashion Friday: The Bike Shorts

Happy Friday my loves! It feels so good being able to hit publish on a ‘Fashion Friday’ post, seeing that the last trend that I covered on the blog was more than a month ago. Not to worry. Today I am back with yet another fashion friday, that I am somewhat iffy about posting because I am uncertain of how I feel about this trend. I have however learned to reserve judgement when it comes to new trends and people embracing it because to me – fashion is a form of expression. Right? Right!

So the trend that I have these strong feelings about is none other than the bike shorts, or cycling shorts – if you’re a kid from early 90’s. Never did I think the day would come that I would be blogging about cycling shorts. I always considered bike shorts as an “undergarment” because that is exactly was it was when I was growing up. With the exception of cyclists wearing them when paddling around or people using it as workout gear. I remember wearing bike shorts under my dress in school and grew up thinking that is where the “trend” would forward 15 years on, this trend is being embraced by international celebrities and influencers all over the world. The bike shorts trend really started showing it’s worth when Kim Kardashian was seen wearing Yeezy Season 6 last year. This trend has been trying to catch on since fall/autumn 2014 when designers like Chanel and Alexander Wang sent it down the runway for Spring 18 , but we all know that it just takes the “Kardashian/Jenner klan” to wear something for it to catch on and become mainstream… especially in the age of social media. With that being said, Urban Outfitters (an American store) created an ‘Influencer Halloween Costume’ pack which mimics the exact outfit that Kim wore when people started embracing this craze. The ‘influencer pack’ would set you back $59 (roughly R840).

Let that sink in.

Now while some may be intrigued by the Urban Outfitters Influencer Pack, sadly it’s hard to come by when you’re located in the Southern Hemisphere. This where I come in. I have rounded up a few of my favourite pairs that you can either shop for online or in stores. I decided to pull a few pieces from all price point spectrums that will appeal to the masses in terms of budget. city-girl-vibe-x-celebs-wearing-the-bike-shorts-trendcity-girl-vibe-celebs-wearing-the-bike-shorts-trendI feel like this trend is going to be the hottest fashion craze for the season and you will most probably see many people rocking the bike shorts in everyday leisure wear and even on the beach. I have noticed that the biker shorts also comes in cute matching summer crop tops and boob tubes sets. That will most probably be how many fashion enthusiasts will be wearing it. If you find yourself browsing stores/online stores and you want to search for this clothing item – take a peep in the undies section as that is where I found alot of the pieces featured in the collage above.

I have pulled up some celebrity fashion inspiration and if you look closely, you will see that the Kardashian, Jenner, Hadid and Richie crowd are at the forefront of this style. I wonder if sunglasses are also included in the influencer pack? *Does a quick Google search*… It sure is!

And that is it from me today! Thank you for reading today darlings. Before you scoot off… Love It or Leave it for the influencer pack bike shorts? I would looooove to know your opinion and thoughts.



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