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{Review} Clean & Clear – Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

It feels like I haven’t done a beauty review in ages, so I decided to hop on my pc and tell you about this product that I have been using for about two months. Now let me just say that this product is not new on the market and I have seen it at Clicks for years but I am somebody that doesn’t like to use alot of skincare products at once so I just didn’t pop it into my basket.

I have really been trying to up my skincare game for the past four months and I decided to give this blackhead clearing scrub a go because I have noticed a drastic increase in blackheads on my middle cheek area. I have been using the Gentle Magic skincare mask as well but it just didn’t do such a great job at removing blackheads as it did acting like a daily’s get into the reviewing, this daily scrub retails for R59.95 at Clicks and I think that it is quite affordable. Now if you’re a regular reader then you would know that if I don’t like a product AT ALL or if the product didn’t work for me one bit, then I won’t post about it on the blog (purchased with my own money or sent to me). Now speaking honestly, if you have enlarged and clogged pores then this blackhead clearing scrub is not going to work for you.

Like I mentioned, I have used this scrub for two months and I still have some stubborn blackheads that I just can’t extract with this scrub. Why post about it you may ask? If you have very oily skin – especially an oily t-zone, then you would love this product. This scrub does such a great job at eliminating excess oils from your face without making your face feel stripped from its natural oils. If you also feel like your makeup isn’t ‘sitting’ well on your face because of it’s oily nature then this is a great scrub to use before you apply your my last skincare product review, I mentioned that texture has always been one of my biggest skincare concerns and since I started using this product I haven’t had any texture issues and my foundation blends and sits on the skin beautifully. This scrub is also perfect for people with sensitive skin. It has no fragrance in it and it didn’t irritate my face one bit. I simply squeeze a decent amount of product onto my fingers, massage it into my damp skin (face) in a circular motion for quite a while and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Even though this scrub doesn’t 100% fit the bill as a blackhead remover, it works great as a facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. The microbeads works perfectly to give you a more evened out complexion and skin surface. I do however feel like this scrub is not gentle enough to use everyday so I prefer using it every second day. I love how well this product works on my skin and I also have seen a huge reduction in flaking along my brow area since using this scrub.


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