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{Explore} Accommodation in Cape Town: Where to stay this summer holidays.

It feels like these days, my blog posts are just writing itself… in the form of questions and recommendations that I get in my inbox, DAILY. The other day I got a question from a reader in JHB asking me for accommodation recommendations in Cape Town, as she and few girlfriends are planning to visit The Mother City mid December. You know what they say… December in Cape Town is not a holiday, it’s a lifestyle. This is evident as we see a huge influx of tourists both locally and abroad, that flock to our city.

Before I give you the ‘sugar’, PLEASE NOTE that Cape Town is currently in a drought. Our dams have been doing really well this past winter season because of all of the rain but our numbers are down again and it will most probably decline even more when summer really hits. Please be mindful of this, you will most likely see a lot of warnings like this when you land at Cape Town International Airport and in the hotels that you’ll be staying at. Now that I am done ‘preaching’, let’s get into it. R600 off your first stay when you join AirBnB with City Girl VibeYou might have gathered that accommodation in Cape Town this time of the year is quite pricey. When I book my staycations, I use Airbnb most of the time. Side note, if you sign up using my code you can get R600 off your first stay and both you and I score some moola off! (

Sunstays Lagoon Beachcity-girl-vibe-x-afristay-review

This my favourite spot to have a staycation in Cape Town. It is the ideal accommodation especially if you’re coming as a group or even just a couple or alone. It is less than 10 minutes away from all of the popular attractions in the Cape. You are right on the beach and you get to witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets from your window. Accommodation is quite affordable, even in the peak seasons. If I could call Sunstays my forever home, I definitely would. The apartments are fully equipped with everything that you need like a toaster, fridge, iron/ironing board, stove, washing machine, plates etc. With all those equipment at your fingertips, you really don’t need to bring it with you.

City Lodge: V&A Waterfrontcity-girl-vibe-x-city-lodge-hotels-va-room

I stayed here for my birthday weekend last year and let me just add, it was a great choice. If you’re looking for accommodation in the heart of Cape Town that is close to everything – this is your top choice. It is in within walking distance from the V&A Waterfront, which in my opinion is tourist heaven. When you check in at City Lodge, you’re welcomed with yummy lemonade before you’re directed to your room. The rooms are beautifully lit with natural lighting and everything you need to make one kickass cuppa joe. You can opt for a night out on the town or to stay in and order room service.They also have the best spread of breakfast in the morning.

Leisure Bay Luxury Suites Hotelcity-girl-vibe-leisure-bay-master-bedroom

Leisure Bay Luxury Suites Hotel is right next to Sunstays. As I have probably mentioned countless times, I love this side of the Cape. This is another one of my top choices for a family/friends staycation as you get to have the entire apartment to yourself where you can cater to yourself. I have stayed here a few times so you must know that it is a firm favourite of mine. At Leisure Bay, there are also self catering services like the essentials such as stove tops, a microwave, crockery and cutlery to make a yummy meal. You get a great view of Table Mountain and access to the private beach. If the beach is not your thing, the pool is there too.

Road Lodge Cape Town International AirportIMG_1352

Even though the summer holidays are everyone’s favourite time of the year, unfortunately some people have to work and Road Lodge Cape Town International Airport is the perfect location for those flying out to Cape Town for work. This is the one hotel that I KNOW I will receive great service. I have never entered a hotel and received the welcoming that I did when I stayed over here. The staff are super friendly and are always there to assist when you need them. You might not get the best views but it is a short drive to all of the hot spots in Cape Town. Road Lodge is also a perfect location all year around if you’re traveling for work (or pleasure) and need some quality accommodation.

And that is a wrap up of all my top recommendations for accommodation in Cape Town. Another hotel at the top of my list is Strand Tower Hotel but I didn’t include it as I haven’t stayed over since 2012. Any recommendations for accommodation in the Cape that I haven’t included?





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