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[Support Local] Teezigned by Zakiyya

I am quite chuffed with myself for discovering so many local businesses and getting to share it with my readers. Today I am back with yet another ‘Support Local’ post and I can’t wait to fill you in because it’s a goodie! About two weeks ago my sister discovered a local business and decided to give it a test run on our behalf and let me just say… we are hooked. I am all for supporting local but when the products produced are spectacular, then it just makes supporting the brand so much more easier. city-girl-vibe-x-teezigned-by-zakiyyaBefore I get into this post, let me just quickly add that graphic and slogan tees are all the rage right now. Just the other day I did a feature on it in my Fashion Friday post and now I get to share my take on the slogan tee with you. My slogan/graphic tee is slightly different because I get to have my blog name and all of my favourite items on it and lets just say that I am lowkey obsessed with it.

So let me tell you about my new favourite clothing item in my wardrobe. As I mentioned, my sister came across a local business on Instagram and decided to purchase something from them. Let me give you a quick run down on the business. Darlings, let me introduce you to Teezigned by Zakiyyacity-girl-vibe-x-teezigned-by-zakiyya-2Teezigned is locally made and produced right here in SA by a lovely woman named Zakiyya. Zakiyya makes personalized ladies and kiddies t-shirts to your desire and to top it off, she embellishes it as well. You can be anywhere in SA and Zakiyya will courier your order to you.

It took our t-shirts under 7 days to design, make and ship to Cape Town and I was quite surprised because something like this usually takes weeks. The owner was very accommodating as to what my sister wanted for my t-shirt and according to my sister – ”captured her vision… and me” on a t-shirt perfectly, I couldn’t agree more. city-girl-vibe-x-teezigned-by-zakiyya-1My family is quite supportive of my blog and of course she decided to put my blog name on my t-shirt, surrounded with all of my favourite things like lipstick (I wear it each and every day), sunglasses (my accessory of choice), Table Mountain (I basically mention how much I love Cape Town and Table Mountain all the time)… see why I LOVE it?

The quality of the t-shirt itself is great. I feel like it is perfect for summer as it is lightweight and breathable. When I received the package with my t-shirt, it was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and in a bag. I adore such personalized touches from brands. It let’s me know that they care about their customer and actually put some thought into getting your item to you in the most pristine condition as possible. Rest assured, if you get your t-shirt personalised like you want it – you will be the only one with a t-shirt like it. city-girl-vibe-x-teezigned-by-zakiyya-3With your t-shirt, you also get washing instructions and how to take care of your item in order to keep it as ‘new’ as possible and also to keep its over all appearance in the best shape. The holidays (and Christmas) are fast approaching, I think that a personalised gift like this is a great idea. In fact, I feel it makes a great birthday gift as well. I can’t wait to have my own one made as I definitely want to add more to my wardrobe. As soon as I have the opportunity, I will actually wear my t-shirt and you will most probably see it on either the blog or my Instagram.

Give Teezigned by Zakiyya a follow on Instagram and view her galleryy of all her amazing designs.



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