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{Review} Gentle Magic: The Skincare Mask

Just the other day I gave you darlings a looksee into my Spring Faves and this product made its first appearance in that post. This is the first product out of the Gentle Magic range that I have ever tried and there aren’t many reviews available online. I stumbled upon this mask a few weeks ago when I did my monthly toiletries shopping at Clicks and decided to pop it into my basket because it seemed somewhat intriguing in regards to colour, micro beads in the mask and it’s claims.

Now obviously I wasn’t expecting a miracle product (even though the brand’s name has the word ‘magic’ in it :D) because if I remember correctly, I paid under R40 for it. If you’re not familiar with the Gentle Magic brand, it is locally made and produced right here in SA and seems to be a firm favourite amongst South African women. While I was researching the brand, I read quite a few reviews of other products in the range where people made some scary claims such as GM products lightening their skin and causing some irritation. city-girl-vibe-x-gentle-magic-the-skincare-maskBefore I get into the reviewing part of this post, let me put your mind at ease and just quickly mention that I haven’t experienced any of those symptoms/results since using this product for almost a month. The thing with skincare and beauty products is that it is a very personal thing. We all have different skin types and needs. What I may seek in a product, may differ from yours.

I have mentioned previously that my skin has shifted to a more oilier type over the past year or so and I have been battling with texture and enlarged pores for almost 2 years. Finding a product that was gentle enough on my overly sensitive skin and will do the perfect job at combatting the oils on my skin is TOUGH! city-girl-vibe-x-gentle-magic-the-skincare-mask-reviewFirstly, as the name suggests – this product is extremely gentle on the skin. I have been using it every day for the past month (or so) and it really didn’t affect my skin whatsoever. Girls with oily skin – this product is for you! I use this product in the morning in conjunction with my gel moisturiser and I cannot even begin to describe the huge difference its made in the way that my foundation now sits and blends into the skin.

I use this product as more of a cleanser than a mask because the instructions tells you to wear it for ±30 seconds/1 minute and I prefer wearing my face masks longer. This mask is perfect for extracting all of those excess oils without stripping the skin from its natural oils. From the first use, you can actually feel the difference in your skin. My skin felt alot smoother, my face wasn’t shiny and I didn’t have any flaking along my hairline and brows – which is something I experience with my skin condition. city-girl-vibe-x-gentle-magic-the-skincare-mask-formulationThe consistency of this mask is quite creamy and doesn’t lather up. I usually just massage into the skin in circular motions and then rinse my face with lukewarm water. On the packaging/tube it states that this mask is an exfoliating facial scrub but I don’t find it nearly abrasive enough as the microbeads in the mask is just not sufficient. If I had to describe the fragrance of this mask, so that you can associate it to something – then I would say that it smells ‘soapy’ and fresh. The microbeads in the mask is Jojoba beads which is known to promote more of a healthier and radiant glow. The mask also has Kaolin clay in it which most probably explains the texture and ‘tight’ feeling I feel on my face when I use it. I don’t really have pigmentation problems but I have noticed a major difference in the complexion of my skin as my face is more evened out. This product however isn’t helping with my enlarged pores – so the hunt for the ‘perfect’ product continues.

Personally, I love the Gentle Magic Skincare Mask and will most probably repurchase it again. There is nothing else in the range that really stands out or appeals to me, so for now this product will be my ‘go to’ product in the range. Have you tried anything from the Gentle Magic range?


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  2. Can you please list ingredients used in everyone of your products so that one can make an informed decision whether to use one or not.

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