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My Spring Lifesavers

I haven’t shared a favourites on the blog in quite a long time… in fact, years. We all know the cliche term of “spring cleaning” all too well when the spring season rolls around. Just the other day I started packing away my winter clothing in my suitcase as if I was about to migrate to the North Pole and realised just how much my entire routine changes when the warmer weather kicks in.

With the change of season, I have literally changed everything. Everything – from what I have been enjoy drinking, to what I have been wearing obviously and what I have been reading. Today I thought I would share my current faves with you all and also give you a sneak peek of what to expect in stores from fashion retailers this season.

What beauty products I have been usingcity-girl-vibe-spring-skin-favesAt the moment I am in this mindset of just investing in my skin from head to toe. Of course I am on a budget so I am really getting out there looking for the best in skincare. These are currently my favourite skincare products. Mixa lotions has become a staple in my house. It is officially sandal season this parts of town, with the occasional rainy or moody day, nonetheless – I have taken this foot pampering duo from Avon out of my collection and am using it at least once a week before bed to restore some moisture into my feet. As for my face, I have mentioned that I have oily skin and enlarged pores, so I picked up a new face wash and scrub to really get my skin in more of a manageable state. This wash and scrub is not aimed at reducing enlarged pores so if you have any recommendations on a product that can do this, please do pop me a comment/message/tweet. Seeing that the sun is out in full force, I cannot stress enough how much you need a good sunscreen. This is my travel size from Avon that I carry around in my handbag, with a bigger one that I keep at home. Sunscreen can be quite pricey so I always stock up on this one from Avon.

What I have been wearingcity-girl-vibe-what-i-am-wearing-this-springYou guys! I am singing all praises to Jet at the moment. They have seriously brought their A-game this season. In the past few weeks – whenever  I walk into a Jet store, I end up leaving with something. Their clothes are super affordable and they have a really stunning selection of plus size clothing. All my summer dresses are from Jet and with the warmer weather you will see many pictures of me on the blog wearing my summer dresses in my travel/exploring posts. As for what I bought, I am not a slippers/slides girl but when I saw these gold glitter slippers (they come in black too), I just had to have it. There is something about glitter that just gets me all giddy and these slippers are everything! I am all about lightweight denim and when I saw this dress I grabbed it in an instant. This type of canvas shoes are more my speed. As much as I love name branded things, I quite like canvas shoes from budget retailers as well. I bought this at Jet as well and I liked it so much I bought it in a maroon-ish shade too. I love the little holes in the shoe as it makes it quite comfortable to wear and bearable in the heat. As for sunglasses, I popped into Cotton On and picked these up. They are currently my favourite pair in my collection.

What I have been readingcity-girl-vibe-what-i-am-drinkingI have decided to reduce my blog and online reading and started to focus on books more. This isn’t the typical kind of book that I would go for as I am more of a Lauren Conrad or Sophia Amoruso book kind of girl. I found this book in my sister’s collection as she’s a “lab person” and I am surprised as to how much I liked this book. I would describe this book as an ode to trees and plants. What I took away from this book is that it kind of gives you this insight of how “unorthodox” people establish themselves in society. It motivates us women to work even harder in a male dominated world and workplace. This book also brings upon so many different emotions. If you’re looking for a well rounded book that includes some humour, sadness and thought provoking scenarios then definitely pick up Hope Jahren’s book. Seeing that October marks Mental Health Awareness month in South Africa, this book also gives you an insight into life with bipolar disease – so I would definitely urge you to pick this book up or download it onto your Kindle if you’re in the market for new reading material.

What I have been drinkingCity Girl Vibe What I am drinkingI’d never be able to say goodbye to Rooibos tea and black coffee completely but my new fave drink for spring/summer is this basil seed drink from Early Spring. I haven’t seen these in stores yet (or maybe I wasn’t look) but I found these at my local meat market and they seemed so interesting. I have tried almost every flavour in the range but the Pineapple and Lychee are my favourite. If I had to really choose one then I would go with the Pineapple. These are super refreshing when served straight out the fridge and I love how it’s not overly sweet. If you do happen to stumble upon these drinks, definitely give them a shot as they are super yummy and a nice switch up from your usual juice.

And that is it from me! While Cape Town doesn’t particularly look like spring today, these are the things that I am currently loving and getting me into the mood for summer.


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