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The Pros and Cons of laser hair removal. Is it worth it – for YOU?

Lately I have been looking into laser hair removal options and have decided to really do my research before investing my time and money into something that really doesn’t come cheap. This may be a step away from my regular postings but I find it very informative and appealing to everyone, as laser hair removal has become very popular amongst not only women but men as well. Today I “sit down” with an industry insider to discuss laser hair removal, the pros/cons and whether it is a worth it investment for Removing Hair with Lasers Worth It?If you are embarrassed by unwanted body hair, you are probably doing everything you can to remove it. That may mean waxing or shaving it away frequently at home. But shaving and waxing unwanted hair has several drawbacks. Both take a lot of time and effort. It can also be easy to miss hairs while waxing or shaving. Additionally, the hairs grow back quickly.

You may have heard removing hair with lasers is a far better option, but is it? Are the trips to the clinic really worth it? The answers to those questions depend on how much you want to get rid of your unwanted hair and how quickly, as well as how long you want it to stay gone. Here are some facts about laser treatment to help you decide if it is the best option.

Laser Hair Removal is Not Instant
The biggest reason you may want to have laser hair removal is because you view it as more convenient than shaving or other methods of hair removal. It is true that laser treatments provide more long-lasting results than most other hair removal options. However, the results are not instant. Lasers do not vaporize hairs, as some people think. Instead, they use certain wavelengths of light in combination with heat to make hairs less strong over time.

Laser Hair Removal Results Take Time, But Also Last a Long Time
When you go in for your first laser hair removal appointment, you may expect to see results right away. If so, you will be disappointed. Clinical hair removal equipment that utilizes laser technology does not provided instantaneous hair removal. Instead, it damages the hairs in the area being treated. Eventually, the shafts are weakened enough that they fall out, but that may take multiple sessions to occur. The hairs are also likely to fall out after you get home, not in the clinic.

When hairs do finally fall out after a series of laser treatments, which usually consists of four to six treatments but can vary, they will disappear for quite a while. Hairs return after a few days when you shave them away. Hairs removed with lasers may stay away for weeks. That is because lasers, unlike shaving razors, can get deep down into your skin to damage complete strands of hair.

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One thought on “The Pros and Cons of laser hair removal. Is it worth it – for YOU?

  1. It is great to know that laser hair removal lasts a long time. My sister wants to find a long-term solution for hair removal. I’ll suggest that she look into laser hair removal.

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