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Empties #6

I am so surprised to be hitting “publish” on an empties post seeing that I blogged about my empties not too long ago. I usually take about 6 months – to a year to finish products but ever since July, I really do have more time to invest in my skin, hair and makeup. I started my empties journey back in 2014 when I promised myself that I wouldn’t open another product (in the same category) unless my current one is finished. For those that are new to the concept of empties posts, it is basically a run down of beauty products that I have used from start to finish – where I let you darlings know which products I would repurchase or not. city-girl-vibe-emptiesToday is such a sad day for both my beauty and makeup collection. Some of these products are my most loved, used and recommended. If you look at how beat up the packaging is, you can definitely tell that I used the heck out of these products. Usually with my empties posts I would tell my readers what I would or wouldn’t repurchase again but this time around, this round of empties are all on my repurchase list.

L.A PRO conceal HD concealer

First up is the L.A PRO conceal HD concealer. I haven’t reviewed this concealer on my blog because quite frankly, it is a cult favourite and there’s hundreds and hundreds of reviews of this concealer online. I have been using this concealer for more than 8 months and I only finished it now, it’s that good! I think I paid round about R59 for it at Dischem. This concealer in my opinion is the best concealer at the drug store and is the most affordable concealer that I have ever used. I have seen so many international Youtubers use this and comment on how it trumps many higher end brands. There are days where I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I will then apply some of this concealer under my eyes and dab it in with my beauty sponge, just to hide those dark circles and it works like a charm! The formulation is super creamy and easy to blend. Would I repurchase this? Absolutely.

Hean Sculpting Facial Palette City Girl Vibe Hean sculpting facial palette and mattense lipstickI have had this palette for almost 2 years and it had three of my most loved items in it. I used the heck out of this palette the moment I received it from the darlings over at Glamore. If you look in my empties bin, you will see just how much I loved this palette. I did a full review on this palette and even used it in two tutorials on the blog. It is worth every cent and is one of those items that are perfect for people just getting into makeup or even people that are on the lookout for quality makeup products. Btw – it is also your perfect travel companion.

H&M Black Volume Mascaraimg_4205This mascara is one of my faves in my collection. I received my first H&M Black Volume Mascara from Deslé a while back it remains one of the very few mascaras that is perfect for my sensitive eyes. I am not sure if this is available here in SA as she bought it in the Middle East and I was so happy when a family member managed to get it for me again. I have a full review of this mascara on my blog if you’re keen for a read?

Britney Spears Curious Fragrance

Just last week I mentioned how much of a fan I am for Britney’s perfumes. Curious is by far my favourite one. In last week’s post I mentioned how I am not a fan of celebrity fragrances but for some reason this one just ticks all of the right boxes. I love everything about this fragrance, from the design of the bottle – to the fragrance itself. This is high on my purchase list.

Jet Just Be Gorgeous Foundationcity-girl-vibe-jet-just-be-gorgeous-foundation-in-bronzeThis foundation appeared on the blog many times before and if you take a looksee in my empties bin then you would see that I have two tubes of this foundation. I popped into Jet over the weekend and I was bummed to see that they didn’t have it in stock. I don’t think that they stock this foundation anymore but I did see a different foundation from this line. If you want to read a full review on this foundation then just click here.  This foundation is the perfect everyday work/university foundation. If you’re a girl just switching over from BB cream or tinted moisturizer then this product would be perfect for you.

Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gelcity-girl-vibe-x-ponds-white-beauty-pearl-cleansing-gelI blogged about this cleansing gel not too long ago and I would’ve loved to get my hands on this product again but I can’t find it in any of our stores. I really do burn through facial cleaners super fast and I am already onto a new one that I am testing out for a review in the near future. I did a full review on this product a month or so ago, click here if you’re keen to give it a read. This was really a great everyday cleanser that was super gentle on the skin and that smells really good and high end.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundationcity-girl-vibe-rimmel-lasting-finish-foundation-in-shade-sand-beigeSo it seems like I may be running out of foundation and I am in the market for a new drugstore foundation. I can however tell you that this one ranks in my top 3 best foundations that I have ever used. This will most probably be the next foundation that I buy again and if you read my review then you would see why I love this foundation so much. It gives me great coverage and doesn’t clog my pores. I would highly recommend this foundation to anyone looking for a new foundation.

Garnier Hydra-Adapt, Hydra-Match: Dull and tired skinCity Girl Vibe  Garnier Hydra Adapt and Hydra MatchI am just gonna come out and say it… this was the best facial product in my skincare routine that my face have and ever will experience. Over the months, my skin has really come to love this moisturizer. My skin drinks it up and it is like an injection of moisture into the skin. I can’t seem to find this product online anymore (only the others in the range) but I really do want this one. I am not giving up though! I did a full review on this product. If I don’t find this exact product again, I will most likely give one of the other products in the range a try.

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Concealercity-girl-vibe-x-avon-matte-flawless-concealer-applicatorYes, there is another concealer in my empties bin and I am happy to be using all of my products. This is another product that I have featured on the blog before. I will give you a quick run down on this concealer; if you’re an oily skin girl like me then you would love this concealer. It is super full coverage and does a bomb a$$ job at filling those pores, highlighting those under eye area and forehead and covering up bags/blemishes and redness. This concealer sits really nice on the skin and I find it works best when blended in with a beauty sponge.

So that is it for my current empties. Now it is time for me chuck out all of my empty containers… until some new ones accumulate. As you can see I am out of foundation and concealer, any recommendations on drugstore brands?


2 thoughts on “Empties #6

  1. I have been wanting to do a empties post for ages but I get impatient and throw my empties away. Or I totally forget to keep the containers. 😂 I need to try the LA Girl concealer. Heard so many great things about it. I haven’t seen any cosmetics stocked at H&M SA. Hopefully they will jump on that bandwagon soon.

    • I make it my mission to save them now… that’s if my mom doesn’t decide to throw away the empty containers. I am so bummed that H&M don’t stock cosmetics because I soooooo love this mascara. as for the LA Girl concealer, you’re going to adore it. A little goes a long way and it lasts forever!

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