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Fashion Friday: The Straw Bag

Welcome back to another edition of Fashion Friday. I feel like I have been on a roll with these posts and the more trends that I uncover, the more I notice other trends popping up. The more trends that appear on my radar, means that there will always be fashion friday around… long live fashion friday! While international fashion week is over, all of the street style reports are now officially out and it seems that the accessory game was strong this year. I have particularly been spotting this one accessory that is making waves all over and that is the wicker bag… or the straw bag if you will.

The straw bag has been dubbed as the “it” bag this season and you’re bound to spot your favourite celebs or fashion influencers rocking this trend. As I have mentioned before, South Africa is always a few months behind when it comes to trends and that is okay. Well, rightfully so. Summer in the US is the winter season in SA, we only get to don the summer trends way later and I feel like it gives designers the opportunity to cater better to the SA market and it gives us a looksee as to what to expect in our stores the coming have to say – when I do my fashion friday posts, alot of research goes into these posts in regards to sourcing the perfect item. Some days I spend hours just rounding up a few items that I feel would be perfect for my readers but with this trend… there was such a huge plethora of styles and designs all over online stores and in stores. It seems like SA fashion buyers and designers took some serious notes from the ss17/18 shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Charlotte Olympia and Tory Burch – as all of them had the straw bags going down the runway.

Now this week, I have rounded up quite a few of my favourites and I low key wish I could have them all in my collection. Whether you a crossbody girl, a clutch girl or a tote girl – the straw bag trend is catering to you all! If you take a look through my round up, you will see that they come in a variety of styles and prices to suit your budget. I am particularly crushing hard on the Superbalist, H&M and Zando (which is more the basket end of the spectrum) are the days where the straw bag was reserved for the beach or picnics alone. I specifically went with these three celebrity looks to show you just how popular and versatile this trend is. I feel like Emma’s look is going to be the “go to” look for many this spring/summer season as she is incorporating three of the key trends this season which is the straw bag (of course), mules/slides and the two piece summer set. I am living for it!

What are you thoughts on the straw bag? Love it or leave it? On that note… Thank You for reading Happy Friday darlings!


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