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{Explore} The best spots for a picnic in Cape Town

Excuse the Cape Town exploring posts, overload. It may just be a representation of my love for Cape Town and how much I missed summer. You guys, we’ve had the most glorious weather here in the Mother City (with the odd cold and rainy days in between – in true Cape Town style) and I have been taking full advantage of it. Since the 1st of spring rolled around, I have been exploring a new spot every weekend and I have found so many lovely gems that was just worth sharing with you darlings.

I am all for exploring and being a tourist in my own city but sometimes I just like to whine down and have a picnic. Today I decided to list a few of my favourite spots in the city that you can enjoy a picnic and that is pet friendly.

Green Point Parkcity-girl-vibe-x-green-point-urban-park-1

Green Point Park is my favourite out of the bunch. This will be a hit with not only the grownups, the kids (because there is a play area) but your furry babies as well. Green Point Park is situated in Fritz Sonnenberg Rd, Green Point – in the heart of the city bowl, close to all of the popular attractions. There is really something for everyone at Green Point Park. With some walking pathways, cycling pathways, an outdoor exercise gym, water features, children’s playgrounds for different age groups and different picnic spots – whether you prefer sitting down under a tree with your blanket or at the tables in the park. When I was there this past weekend, I even noticed a cute little cafe called “Tea in the park”. It had a beautiful view overlooking the park and it seemed like it was a firm favourite amongst locals. There were security all over the park and even at the play areas to ensure that your kiddies are safe at all times. Entry into the park is totally free and there is sufficient parking. This is the first time that I have been to the park and I will definitely be back soon as I didn’t see nearly enough. There is actually quite a lot to see in the park, so make sure that you’re wearing comfy shoes.

The Arderne GardensIMG_4326

The Arderne Gardens formerly known as Claremont Gardens really brings back so many fond memories. I remember coming here as a child and walking through the gardens looking at the ducks. This is such a beautiful location for a photoshoot as well. We did the collaboration shoot with Cadbury Ps here and the shoot for our range. If you’re a “Cape Malay kid” then you would know this was THE PLACE for wedding photography back in the day. 😀 . Nothing beats sitting down on your blanket and doing some “wedding watching”. Fun fact: Arderne Gardens has one of the biggest trees in South Africa, known as the vast Moreton Bay Fig (or Wedding Tree, as it is commonly called) and is quite possibly the largest Aleppo Pine in the world. There are over 400 trees in the garden so I urge you to get your blanket and picnic basket ready and settle under one of them for a beautiful picnic. Entry is completely free. Parking might be challenging but you’re bound to find one either in front of the gardens or on the opposite side of the road. Ps keep an eye out for the cute squirrels and ducks.

Newlands Reservoir city-girl-vibe-x-newlands-forest-1

Newlands Reservoir is another location for a beautiful shoot. Not many people come here and I will once again say that it is such an underrated spot. People however do love Newlands Forest. I love watching people take their fur babies for a walk. There are some lovely trails to walk/run and there is something quite tranquil about the location. The Newlands area is beautiful all year around and you don’t just have to go here in the warmer months to enjoy the greenery. Entry here is also completely free, but you have to pay for entry to the braai area; R25 (adults), free except for for vehicle fee (Wild Card holders) and R15 (children). Secure parking within the fenced-in braai area costs R25 per car. If I am being completely honest, as it is quite quiet around the reservoir area, I wouldn’t suggest going alone because I haven’t seen anybody patrol here – even though there are a lot of people passing with their dogs, taking them for walks in the forest. There is lots to see and discover when you take a walk in Newlands Forest and you can go as far as the reservoir. There is also lots of parking, so I would suggest a lovely brunch or lunch on a “chilled out” day.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardenscity-girl-vibe-x-kirstenbosch-botanical-gardens-2

I mentioned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on the blog just the other day when I shared my Heritage Weekend wanderings. It is that time of the year where the gardens are looking particularly beautiful. This is one place where you are bound to walk a lot so comfortable shoes are an essential. This is one of the more popular options for a picnic spot so you have to pay a small fee for entering the park. It does get quite hot when you’re in the park, the heat compared with all of the walking… make sure you’re hydrated. All of that is worth it though. It is that time of the year where Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts are about to kick off and it is the perfect time to grab your favourite people, a blanket and a picnic basket. I have been to the summer concerts before and it is a must if you love local music.

That is a wrap up of my go to spots for a picnic in Cape Town. Have you been to any?





4 thoughts on “{Explore} The best spots for a picnic in Cape Town

  1. I don’t know when last I have been to Newlands forest. I used to go a lot when I was a child. Thank you for reminding me about that lovely place. I definitely want to picnic there when the days are warmer. ☺️💕

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