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{Review} Affordable body lotion range from Mixa

Now that the warmer weather is starting to roll around, I have decided to switch up my body care routine and opted for something lighter on the skin as opposed to my winter favourite from Himalaya Herbals. I wanted something not as thick and I usually prefer a body lotion over a body butter type of consistency in summer. I then discovered the French brand named “Mixa” and of course I was intrigued, especially after reading that it is designed for sensitive skin.

This brand launched in South Africa a few months back, so it is fairly new to the South African market but one thing that I can tell you is that it is already a firm favourite. Affordable skincare is hard to come by in SA but this is one brand that has you covered. city-girl-vibe-x-mixa-range-of-body-lotionsIn the Mixa range available in SA, there’s a selection of body lotions, body creams and a  repair balm. Today I will be reviewing the restoring body lotion for very dry skin and the anti-dryness body lotion for dry skin. Perfect for us just coming out of the cold winter months.

Both body lotions comes in a 250ml pump bottle for R45.99 and then you can also purchase the 400ml bottle for R59.99. See? Affordability at its best! The anti-dryness body lotion is enriched with coriander oil but you definitely can’t pick it up in the scent of the lotion. The product has a “clean” and fresh smell to it which makes it quite easy and pleasant to use and wear. city-girl-vibe-x-mixa-body-lotion-for-dry-skinTo be completely honest, I cannot tell the difference between the two lotions. Both smell and feel the same. I have placed one bottle in the bathroom in my home for everyone to enjoy and the other one next to my bedside table so that it forms part of my night time routine or random hand lotion application.

If you’re anything like me and stand as human mosquito bate then you would know the burning and itchy sensation that the bites leave, I have used this religiously on those pesky little bites and I cannot even begin to describe how soothing it is on the skin. I dab a tad bit on the spot and massage it in and I won’t have to pick and scratch at it have mentioned before that I suffer from mild eczema only behind my ears, with occasional flare ups along my hairline, eyebrows and scalp, with that being said – I wouldn’t dare applying any body lotion behind my ears to relieve the itchy and flakiness.  A few weeks back when my skin decided to wreak havoc, especially behind my ears, I decided to dab just a tad bit behind my ear with a cotton swab and I was pleasantly surprised to see and feel how well my skin reacted to this body lotion. There was no irritation or left over residue left behind. The area behind my ear(s) felt moisturized and there was no flaking!

I am not quite sure if I can use this body lotions on my face so I won’t be that risky, I will pop the Cica Repair Balm from Mixa in my basket the next time I go to Clicks to see how it works. I have however brushed the body lotion through my eyebrows with a spoolie when it became flakey and it didn’t irritate the area. Also – it worked wonders taming my brows! 😀 city-girl-vibe-x-mixa-body-lotion-consistencyThe formula is the perfect consistency to what I like in a body lotion. Not very runny but not very thick either. I pump a generous amount onto my hands and just go to town with it – all over my body. It absorbs into the skin effortlessly and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy… which means you can get dressed after your bath/shower and not wait around for your product to dry down.

The full range of Mixa products can be found either online at Clicks (and in store), Takealot, Zando and in stores at Pick n Pay.

In my opinion, it is a brand totally worth your coin! Have you tried anything from Mixa before?



9 thoughts on “{Review} Affordable body lotion range from Mixa

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  3. Please can someone explain to me. Why I can’t use this mixa cream on my face,I just bought this mixa body lotion not long ago, when I got home. Am suprise to see. DO NOT APPLY ON THE FACE!!! Please why

    • Hi. Please note that this is a body lotion and not a moisturizer for your face, You might have sensitive skin and this body lotion in turn, irritated your skin. Mixa does however have a repair balm for your face so def give that one a try instead.

  4. I am desperately trying to find the Mixa oatmilk. But no one seems to be stocking it here in Cape Town. Anybody have any suggestions.

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