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{Review} Britney Spears: Fantasy – Fine Fragrance Mist

If there is one celebrity fragrance range that I am really a fan of, it would have to be Britney. I have tried many other celeb fragrances from Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber but they all seemed too sweet and fruity for my liking and I have never felt the urge to repurchase it. I have kind of been on a roll here on the blog, scouting out the most affordable options in beauty products and today will be no different. I haven’t done a fragrance review on the blog in years, so today I thought that I would give a go at it again.

I don’t know if you’ve recently taken a look at the price of perfume… EXPENSIVE! If you’re like me and can do with some saving then today’s blog post is for you. If you want a long lasting fragrance at the fraction on the price then I would suggest you continue reading. I feel like fragrance mists are the perfect alternative to perfumes and cost the fraction of the price. In the beginning of last month I strolled through Edgars stores and saw that they had quite a decent size range of fragrance mists on offer – that ranged between R199.00 – R270.00 . Affordable, right? right! I then picked up the Britney Spears – Fantasy Fine Fragrance my sister and I have been using this fragrance mist, edging for two months now and as you can tell the bottle is still quite full. Surprisingly, a little goes a long way. I have sprayed my jerseys and jackets with this mist and the following time that I have used the item of clothing, the fragrance was still present. The mist is definitely not as potent as a perfume, eau de parfum or eau de toilette but it definitely packs a punch. I feel like it is the perfect transition into perfume from using body sprays.

This is quite a fruity scent but not the kind that makes my sinuses act up. I do however feel like it is a tad bit too “sweet” for me at times. The top notes of this fragrance mist is litchi, kiwi and golden quince. The middle notes are orchid, jasmine and white chocolate. The base notes can be described as orris root, musk and woods. I prefer spritzing this mist on a little while before leaving the house as I feel like this mist smells better after a while, once the fragrance settled this fragrance mist was in Britney’s “Curious” scent, then this would be a rave review as that is my most loved perfume to come from her. I don’t want to be reaching but this fragrance smells almost (if not identical) to Katy Perry’s “meow” perfume. Just less intense as it is a mist. I am a huge fan of how this product disperse out of the bottle, over the desired area. It focuses the mist over the entire area instead of on one area.

This fragrance mist is explained as: “Britney Spears has the power of an enchantress whose life is a modern fairy tale… complete with a happy ending. Fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ is about love’s ability to overwhelm you when you least expect it. Fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS is for the woman who is Seductive, Charming and Elusive.”

In my personal opinion, I feel like this mist is definitely for the younger market and not so much for the mature female. Definitely give this mist a spritz when you come across it. This fine fragrance mist retails for R250.00. I don’t feel like I would repurchase this mist based solely on personal preference to a scent and not the quality of the product. To me, a fragrance is a personal thing and this was just not fitting for me. As soons as I finish this bottle, I will most likely try one of the other fine fragrance mists on offer.


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