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{Review} Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette + Makeup Look.

It is here! It is here! It is here!… finally. Well almost. I am pretty sure that all of you know by now that Makeup Revolution will be available in South Africa soon. Yes darlings, Makeup Revolution will be sold at Clicks stores. There will be a media launch on Thursday so by then you will know everything. I thought that today’s post would be fitting, where I chat about the best highlighter that I have ever used. Today on the blog I will be reviewing the Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette. city-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revolution-highlighter-paletteBefore I get into the bold claim that I just made, let us just take a moment to appreciate its beauty. This palette release is part of the collaboration between British Youtuber Sophie and Makeup Revolution, so I have no idea if it is limited edition or not. Unfortunately this palette was not purchased in South Africa and I have no idea if it will be available here. This highlighter palette is one of two products in the line and I so wish I could get my hands on the eyeshadow palette as well. This particular palette retails for £8 on the Revolution website which is R157. Let that sink in for just a little bit.


I kid you not! That is R157 for eight highlighters and let me add that the pans are quite versatility of the palette is what I love most. As this is a highlighter palette, the obvious parts of the face where you would apply product is to the highest points of the face where the light hits first BUT I like pushing the boundary with my product. This palette gives you such a beautiful inner (eye) corner highlight and the wide range of colours makes for a beautiful all over the lid shade. I have used it as both and I can definitely say that it works like a charm. Sometimes I can get a little carried away with highlighter so I have to tone it down and I find that I can control this product easily and also remove some “blinding-ness” by tapping my beauty sponge on areas where I got highlighter happy. city-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revolution-bottom-row-highlighter-palette-swatches1city-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revolution-top-row-highlighter-palette-swatchesThe formulation of the highlighters are quite soft, creamy and buttery.  It is easy to blend and you can take your makeup look from everyday subtle glow – to- blinding oncoming traffic real quick. There are 8 shades in the palette and I feel like the diverse shade range makes the highlighter palette suitable for each and every skin tone. I have quite textured skin and finding a highlighter that doesn’t put emphasis on my textured areas is a mission. I love how this palette sat on my skin and didn’t grab at the patchy areas. It is what I live for in a highlighter!city-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revolution-makeup-lookcity-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revolution-highlighter-palette-makeup-look-2In this makeup look, I had this highlighter on for quite a while and yet it was still visible. My double wing eyeliner had faded but the highlight was still there and it gave me such a good glow. I don’t usually reapply highlighter when I am out but I feel like this product held up quite well seeing that I have oily skin that eats product off from my face like clock work, especially since I have been under lots of lights this evening. When I want to intensify the highlighter, I give it a quick spritz with some setting spray. As you can tell, this product works quite well with other beauty products. I definitely prefer a powder highlighter like this over a liquid or cream highlighter. city-girl-vibe-soph-x-makeup-revoution-highlighter-palette-brush-pickupI prefer using a small fan brush to apply my highlighter as it feathers the product out onto the higher areas of my face, without focusing the product on one area too much. Using the small fan brush also allowed me to control the product more easily and not grabbing too much product at once.

I have to say, over the 7 years that I have been blogging and highlighter becoming a thing – this is by far my favourite highlighter. I look forward to what this brand has to offer in SA and I know it’ll be a hit given the uproar that its arrival has created. I will be watching their social media pages closely on Thursday and making mental wishlists of all of products that I am going to buy.


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