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{Review} Citi Girl Makeup line review + Makeup look

A little bit over a month ago I did a first impressions on the Citi Girl makeup line that is exclusive to Edgars. I have been using the products together and separately for the past few weeks so that I can test which ones are my favourite and which products I will repurchase again. The Citi Girl makeup line can be found in Edgars stores and online and I have to admit is quite affordable. I have collabed with my MUA bestie Zoor to create a look and a secondary opinion from a professional is always great. Of course not all of the products are top notch but there are really some gems that I can’t wait to let you in on so let’s get cracking!city-girl-vibe-x-edgars-citi-girl-makeup-collectionI am going to start my review in the order that the products were applied to my face and also give you the lowdown on how the makeup worked with other products. So the Citi Girl makeup line doesn’t have a primer so I used the Clinique Hydra Essential moisturizer and the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser for my huge pores. At the moment I have a love/hate relationship with my skin because we are between seasons and my skin is trying really hard to adapt to the craziness.

Citi Girl – Foundation: Soft Beige (R44.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-foundation-in-shade-soft-beigeRight off the bat, this foundation is too dark for me and I didn’t see a shade lighter than this at Edgars. In the warmer months this foundation will be spot on as I kind of still have that winter washed out look. I had to mix it in with a lighter Nars foundation in order to give me the look that I achieved further down below. This foundation is light coverage but can be built to a medium coverage. In my makeup look it appears full coverage but of course… it was paired with one of the best foundations of all time. That is another thing that I love about this foundation, it works well with other products and doesn’t alter its consistency much. The consistency is a bit thick but it blends like a dream. When getting the foundation I would suggest that you take one shade lighter than your complexion as it oxidizes darker. You really do need to set your foundation with a setting spray or else you won’t have any coverage at the end of the night. I would give this foundation a wearability of 6 – 8 hours before it looks as if you’re only wearing a tinted moisturizer. All in all, I would repurchase this foundation especially for the summer months as it is very lightweight on the skin and even oilier t-zone girls like myself can get away with this foundation paired with a good powder and setting spray.

Citi Girl – Foundation Stick: Cocoa (R39.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-foundation-stick-in-shade-cocoaAs I mentioned in my first impressions post, this foundation I used as a contour stick and MAN OH MAN was it a good idea. Ladies, if you’re new to contouring or want to dabble in the world of contouring… this foundation  stick is your friend. It is super creamy and blends out like a dream. This stick can be blended out with a brush or a beauty sponge. It gives you the perfect chiseled cheek bones without your contour looking muddy. If you feel like your contour is not defined enough, then you can always go over your contour a second time. This stick was also used to contour my nose and I have to say that my nose went from zero to one hundred real quick. 😀

Citi Girl – Compact Powder: Caramel (R44.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-compact-powder-in-shade-caramelSo I wanted to use this powder as a setting powder but it was also way too dark for me. I used it as a bronzer and it worked like a charm. It gave me a “straight out of the Bahamas” bronze glow and I was all for it. My friend used it on his darker skin tone and it looked really beautiful on the face. If you are a deeper skin stone than what I am then I would highly recommend this powder as it compliments the skin well, without looking over powdery. It is also great for intensifying your contour.

Citi Girl – Eyeshadow Quad: Beyond Natural and Deep Autumn (R39.95)

With these quads, I have a love/hate relationship. Some days I have better luck with it than others. I kind of bought both quads thinking that I could get an entire look out of it but I was wrong. When I initially started playing around with these shadows I thought that is was matte and shimmer in the quads and that if the first layer came off it was complete matte but that is not the case. These quads consists of satin finishes and shimmer shades – so you can’t get a full look out of these quads. We had to dip into the Morphe 35O palette to build up some intensity in the crease. These eyeshadows are not very pigmented , even when using concealer on the lid. I have found that if I use a concealer and a setting powder on the lids then the shadows shows up way better. I still stick to my initial thoughts that these quads are everyday/work/campus shadows as it doesn’t pack much drama. There’s not much fallout in these quads so that is a bonus. We took shots with the flash and without to see what it would look like. Under lots of lighting, the shadows have the ability to fade fast. I did a wear test and the shadows didn’t stay as long as I had hopped for and that is when we decided to add BOLD liner to the look. One big plus about these shadows are that the gold shimmer shades makes for a bomb highlighter.

Citi Girl – Blush: Pink Macaroon (R39.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-blush-in-shade-pink-macaroonThis shade might seem a bit intimidating but it is not as “shocking” as it looks. I would however suggest that you go in with a light hand as it is pigmented. This blush gives a beautiful flush of colour to your cheeks without it looking clown-like. There are no glitter specks in the pan so it is a straight out matte blush. This blush would last me quite a long time as a little goes a long way. There are other shades in the Citi Girl collection as I feel like this shade would be too much for very fair skin tones.

Citi Girl – Waterproof Mascara: Black (R49.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-waterproof-mascara-in-shade-blackThis is currently my most used mascara in my collection. If you have nonexistent eye lashes then this mascara is for you. This product is labelled as waterproof but it is not. I can let that slide because this mascara gives your lashes volume and length. I was blessed with a good “pair of lashes” and when I have a few layers of this mascara on then it looks as if I have eyelash extensions. When pulling the spoolie out of the tube, be sure to take some product off from the spoolie as too much comes out and when coating the lashes it can become quite clumpy. I am also so in love with the packaging of this mascara.

Citi Girl – Round Lipstick: Pale Pink (R29.95)city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-lipstick-vitamin-e-long-lasting-in-shade-pale-pinkIf you know me personally or have been reading my blog for a while then you would know that I am not a nude or dusty pink lip kind if a girl. I kind of went with this shade to push me out of my comfort zone. I hate to admit it but this is currently in my top 5 lipsticks at the moment. If you are not a lipstick wearer then I think you would love this lipstick and shade. It is extremely hydrating on the lips and has vitamin E in it. This lippie also comes across as a tinted lip balm.

With the above pictures, one was taken with and without a flash. After a few hours the eyeshadow became really faded, I am kind of into this bushy brows/lazy to get them done phase… that is why I have bangs again. I didn’t review the lip liner as it didn’t fit in with the look but I will mention it in a blog post in the next week or so. Over all, I am loving the Citi Girl range and I feel like there are some good gems in the collection.


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  2. Good day

    City Girl does not have toast or my colour or at least that’s what the lady at Edgars said. What colour can I go for, I use to use the toast from Design

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