Fashion Fridays

Fashion Friday: The Wrap Dress

Happy Fashion Friday my darlings! I bet we all can breathe a sigh of relief as we watch the clock tick until knock off time. Today I am keeping it short and sweet with my fashion edit as I have few errands to run and places to be. For today’s Fashion Friday, it was honestly the easiest trend to research as there was not one online store/website that I visited that didn’t have this dress. I was extremely spoilt for choice and opted to go with a plethora of different styles that I think my regular FF readers would love.

You may have gathered from the title of this post that the trend that I will be featuring today is indeed the wrap dress. Now this isn’t exactly a trend as I believe that the wrap dress is such a classic and timeless piece, that it has establish its reigns amongst the staple LBD and crisp white shirt. Did you know that the wrap dress was created back in 1974 by one of my favourite mainstream designers, Diane Von Furstenberg? Heck! this trend stuck for 44 years and is still making waves in the fashion world. The wrap trend can be seen in both blouses and skirts, like it originally made an appearance back in the day but then later got adapted into a dress. and Voila!!! Here we are, seeing so many different variations of this trend and how it have evolved into something noteworthy and on every fashion loving girl’s wishlist. Behold my top picks from both stand alone and online for my picks today I may have gone just a little bit overboard but I found it so challenging narrowing it down to just five or six dresses. There is such a huge variety in terms of styling, fabrication and length – that I just wanted to include as much as possible and that would resonate with my readers from all shapes, sizes and cultures.

As you can see, the wrap dress is not just aimed at one season. They are appropriate for all seasons as there are shorter lengths, sleeveless and thinner fabrications for the warmer months and then there are ankle length, long sleeve and velvet for the more colder months. Obviously during the colder months you have the option of layering over top or under the dress as I have particular been seeing amongst modest dressers to cover up the chest area. Seeing that we are currently in spring (even though spring is not in sight here in Cape Town) local retailers are opting for the sleeveless wrap dresses and more lightweight fabric. I am quite chuffed to see them embracing the “newer era” of modest fashion and embracing girls/women wanting a more covered aspect of the wrap dress by stocking longer lengths with long sleeves. city-girl-vibe-x-celebrities-wearing-the-wrap-dressTo wrap things up (sorry! I couldn’t help myself!), I chose three completely different styles featuring the wrap dress. I am loving Rihanna’s take on the wrap dress as it is quite different to what we are used to. Gone are the days where the wrap dress was reserved for work wear attire and hello modern day dames! With 44 years of fashion phenomenon, I don’t see the wrap dress going anywhere – anytime soon.

With that being said, have a fabush weekend!


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