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{Review} 11 Piece Mermaid Makeup Brush Set

Let me first start off by saying that I take my product shots before I start using my products/tools, so don’t ever think that items  only appear on my blog for reviews sake. Every year I like to treat myself to a new brush set, the last time I bought myself a set was 2 years ago from Glamore and I have to say that it is my “go to” set for applying my foundation. My sister bought this mermaid set for me a few weeks back and I wanted to see whether these brushes really did the trick or if people only wanted them because of their beautiful appearance. Rewind back just a little bit, these brushes were popular a year ago when everyone wanted unicorn, rainbow, crystal and mermaid brushes.
city-girl-vibe-x-11-piece-mermaid-makeup-brush-setI may be one year late with these brushes but I am 100% one of those people that don’t feel the need to buy items/products just because of their popularity status. I mainly wanted a new set of eye brushes because my Glamore set didn’t have every brush in for a complete eye look. I opted for a synthetic brush set because synthetic bristles doesn’t take up so much product and wastage is to a minimum. Who doesn’t like saving makeup so that it can last longer?! city-girl-vibe-x-11-mermaid-makeup-brush-set-reviewIn this set you receive 11 brushes. Two fluffy brushes to do some work in the crease and outer eye. Three precision brushes to smoke out the lower lash line or to tight line the upper or lower lash line. One brush to carve out your eyebrow with concealer when you fill your brows (to clean it up). One fan brush. One foundation brush that I will be using for contouring and then 3 weirdly shaped brushes that I have no idea what it’s for. Of course you can choose to do whatever you like with your brushes as there are NO RULES in makeup. This is just how I’ll be using my brushes are quite lightweight and I have to say that it is one aspect of these brushes that I don’t like much. Of course I can’t expect luxe feeling brushes if I didn’t pay that price. I love this size of these brushes as there are lots of space on the handle to adjust your brush and hold it how/where you want it. I feel like it is the perfect entry level set of brushes for anyone that is in the market to grow their brush set collection and adding staple brushes that they can use everyday. city-girl-vibe-x-mermaid-brush-set-tailsNow let’s get to the aesthetic appearance and the reason why everyone loves these brushes so much. Obviously having brushes with this type of “bottom” is quite new and everyone wanted in on the newness. The handle of these brushes are plastic but it feels like metal. The ferrule however is metal and in a beautiful rose gold shade. Can we all just agree that these brushes are quite aesthetically pleasing? city-girl-vibe-x-mermaid-makeup-brush-set-product-pickupcity-girl-vibe-x-mermaid-brush-setThese brushes picks up product beautifully. With one tiny dab into the pan, the bristles are covered in eyeshadow and you don’t really have to tap off excess powder. With the amount of product that the bristles picks up, you can easily control your eye look and not overcompensate on the product. It is easier to add more eyeshadow than to take away. With the more precision brushes, it is easier to clean the brushes as opposed to the flufflier brushes because the eyeshadow does go higher up toward the ferrule. I have washed these brushes before and I haven’t experienced any shedding YET, just the odd bristle here and there. city-girl-vibe-x-mermaid-tail-foundation-contour-brushThe last product in the brush set that I will be talking about is probably the most popular one of them all. These brushes are sold individually as well and I have even seen Manny MUA review these on his Youtube channel. He had a love/hate relationship with it so I was quite curious to see how it’ll pan out. This is actually a foundation brush but this isn’t the type of brush that I would typically use to apply foundation. I prefer a more densely packed brush like a kabuki. I have used this brush to contour, especially the nose area. I have to say that on the cheek area it focused the product on one section too much and the contour would look quite unnatural and it was harder to blend out. On the nose however it worked as the perfect contour tool. To me personally, I preferred using this brush for powder contour as cream contour was a mission to blend out.

This brush set is available on Wantitall for R555. Next on my list is the mermaid brush set with the powder brushes as I don’t have one decent powder brush in my collection.


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