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Super Life: Mini Electric Full Body Massager

So I very seldomly blog about tools but today I thought that I would give it a go. Earlier this year I learned what stress really was. I learned what it was to carry stress in my upper neck, shoulder blades and lower back. I was looking for a massager to relieve the stress and also ease the pain in those areas. I did some online searching and discovered that massagers are actually flippen expensive. I came across the Super Life Mini Electric Full Body Massager at a dirt cheap price and decided to give it a go.

Darlings, if you look at this massager you would assume that it doesn’t work and that it is gimmicky. Shhhheeeesh I live for the gimmicks in beauty products and tools. I always go out of my way to test these things out and prove the naysayers wrong. I am so happy to report that this has become my handbag staple and I would urge you to spend just a few rands on this mom bought this a few months back and I can honestly say that I have been using it religiously. It is such a convenient tool that makes it perfect for traveling or popping in your handbag. This massager works with batteries or you can charge it with the usb cable that comes with it. If you’re somebody that sits at an office desk for long periods of times, this will be your “at the desk” bestie”.

When you hold down onto the top (round section) of the handle, the massager vibrates onto the area where you’re applying the pressure. Vibrations given off by this massager, along with kneading action improves blood circulation and helps to unwind muscles; resulting in instant I am not going to sit here and tell you that this massager can work wonders, especially if you’ve been experiencing deep growing pains. I have had my mom test this massager out too but she didn’t feel that it was powerful enough but for someone like me that doesn’t usually have back pains, I felt like it was powerful enough for me.  This massager is mostly for instant relief of long hours sitting at a desk and to release tension in the muscles. I can actually feel this tool working its magic and the muscles warming up and relaxing when it pulsates on the area that requires some TLC.

Now that things have slowed down on my side and I have way less stress and tension in my upper neck and back, when it is that time of the month this massager becomes handy as I massage all those areas where I carry my moods…


Or not.

The Super Life Mini Electric Full Body Massager retails for R35 on and comes in four shades. I haven’t purchased anything from this online store but they seem to have some awesome and legit deals.


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