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{New In} First Impressions: Citi Girl Makeup

You asked and I listened! From time to time I get requests and recommendations from readers asking to review products and I always try my best to meet those requirements. Sometimes I get ideas for blog posts from search engine terms that brings readers to my blog and for some reason “Citi Girl Makeup sold at Edgars” is one of them. I decided to pop into Edgars the other day and spotted the Citi Girl brand, saw the prices and didn’t hesitate to pop a few items into my basket. So the Citi Girl brand falls into the same category as Design Cosmetics and if you’re regular reader then you would know that I have tested quite a few products in the design cosmetics range in a:

The producers of Design Cosmetics are the same as the producers of Citi Girl. Before we get into this post, No this is not my brand… I just needed to make that clear. I was drawn to the brand even more due to their affordable prices and not because the name is so fitting to the blog… okay fine! the name was what sealed the deal. First off, there is quite a big selection of this brand on offer at Edgars and I found a big display at the Edgars store in Vangate Mall. Now don’t fret if you don’t have this range available in your nearest Edgars, what I love most about this brand is that it is available online as well. Before I trickle on, this is not a review post. It is more of a first impressions and to show you what this brand has to offer. I will have full reviews on each product in the weeks to come and include a makeup of the products that I did not buy is the nail polishes, nail polish remover, liquid liner, the other mascara in the product line, the compact foundation, the rest of the lip and eyeliner pencils, the lip glosses and the other lipsticks in the range. I didn’t want to go too crazy in the spending department so I decided to buy enough products to create a full face. I totally forgot to grab the liquid liner and will most probably purchase it before I do full reviews. I may purchase the rest of the products in the makeup line the next time I pop into Edgars as well. The total of my basket came to R358,86 which is not bad at all considering all of the products I recieved. city-girl-vibe-x-edgars-citi-girl-makeup-collectionI checked the labelling and the manufacturers of both Citi Girl and Design Cosmetic and they are the same company. I have to say that I am more in love with the packaging of Citi Girl. There are some similarities in the packaging of both brands but Citi Girl’s eyeshadow quads reminds of some Smashbox eyeshadows that I have in my collection and their blush reminds of MAC.

Citi Girl – Foundation: Soft Beigecity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-foundation-in-shade-soft-beigeI am always keen on trying a new foundation. I have the shade “soft beige” which is on the lighter shade of the options available. It is my exact same shade and name as the foundation in the Design Cosmetics range. Many people would gravitate toward a pump foundation but to be completely honest, I prefer these foundations with the spatula. There are 10 shades in this foundation which is not such a big selection. To be quite honest, there aren’t shades for the pale and for the deep skin tones, but if you’re light-medium-dark then you will find your shade in this beauty line. This foundation retails for R44.95 .

Citi Girl – Foundation Stick: Cocoacity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-foundation-stick-in-shade-cocoaNow what this brand lacks in shades in the liquid foundations, they make up for in their stick foundations and in their compact foundations. I was struggling to find a shade light enough yet warm enough for contour, which is what I am going to use my stick foundation for. This formulation is definitely better than the Design Cosmetics stick foundation as it is blends more seamlessly (I will elaborate further in my full review). This foundation stick retails for R39.95 and comes in 8 shades.

Citi Girl – Blush: Pink Macaroon city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-blush-in-shade-pink-macaroonFrom what I saw on the display case, this blush comes in four shades. There was a pale pink, a peach, this cerise pink and a mauve. I felt like this one would best show up on my skin as the other two lighter shades seemed more fitting for lighter skin tones. Without giving too much away, I forgot how much I loved blush until I started playing around with this blush. When you lift the top compartment where the blush is, you will also find a mirror and a tiny brush. Also, a little goes a looooooong way – tread carefully. This blush retails for R39.95 .

Citi Girl – Eyeshadow Quad: Beyond Naturalcity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-beyond-natural-eyeshadow-quadYou all already know by now that I am a nudes girl. When I saw this quad I knew that I had to have it. I feel like it is flattering for all skin tones and is one of those everyday eyeshadow palettes that you would use for work. It is also a great addition to your travel makeup bag. I feel like you could use this entire quad to create an eyelook without having to dip into other palettes. This quad consists of mattes and shimmers. At first I thought that it was only shimmers but when I started playing around I realised that once the top layer of product was off, the shimmer specks blended away giving you a matte and shimmer quad. This eyeshadow quad retails for R39.95 .

Citi Girl – Eyeshadow Quad: Deep Autumncity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-deep-autumn-eyeshadow-quadNow this quad and it shades encapsulates autumn in the city perfectly. It might look similar to the Beyond Natural quad but it is so different in shade and consistency.  I feel like with the addition of this quad, you can take your eye look from a day at the office to a night out in the city by adding a little bit of shimmer to the lids. Both quads has a mirror and sponge applicator in the lower compartment which also make it great for traveling, retailing at R39.95 . There is a colour option of six different quads in this beauty line so it caters to both the muted and bold eyeshadow wearers.

Citi Girl – Compact Powder: Caramel city-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-compact-powder-in-shade-caramelSo I couldn’t find a shade light enough as a setting powder so I decided to purchase this compact powder as a bronzer. There were many options for deeper skin tones but nothing available for the medium to light skin spectrum. In this compact powder you also receive a sponge puff/applicator. I would definitely have used the sponge if this powder was for setting my face but you can’t be applying bronzer with a puff like this. This compact powder retails for R44.95 and comes in 10 shades.

Citi Girl – Lip/Eyeliner Pencil: Ruby Redcity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-lip-eyeliner-pencilThis is one of those double use products that can be used on both the eyes and lips. The actual product is much darker in comparison to the tube. I can’t even express how happy I am that this product comes in a roll-up/down tube as I remember that my Design Cosmetics lip liner required sharpening (Thank goodness it came with a sharpener attached to the cap). This eye and lip liner duo comes in 6 shades and retails for R34.95 .

Citi Girl – Round Lipstick: Pale Pinkcity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-lipstick-vitamin-e-long-lasting-in-shade-pale-pinkStepping out of my lipstick comfort zone, I decided to go for a much lighter shade than I usually would as my go to shades are usually deep reds or purples. There are many lipsticks and lip products in the Citi Girl range. Edgars currently has a 20% off all lipsticks in the Citi Girl range. This lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E and it is long lasting, perfect winter combo, right? In this particular lipstick there are 6 shades and it retails for R29.95 .

Citi Girl – Waterproof Mascara: Blackcity-girl-vibe-x-citi-girl-makeup-waterproof-mascara-in-shade-blackLastly in my list of items that I purchased is the waterproof mascara. There are two mascaras in the Citi Girl range but I decided to go with this one as I was drawn to the packaging more. Just to throw it out there, this mascara is B-O-M-B AF but it is not waterproof. This mascara retails for R49.95.

And that is the last of the goodies that I bought. I will create a look with all of the goodies that I bought and then maybe go back and buy all of the items that I didn’t get. As you can see, the prices are quite affordable and if you are someone that are looking into growing your makeup collection with staple items then give this brand a go.


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