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{Review} Max Makeup Cleansing Towel

So the first item that I will be reviewing from my UAE drugstore stash is the Max Makeup Cleansing Towel. I have seen this makeup removing towel floating around the beauty community / interwebs for a hot minute and I have always wondered what the deal was and if it really worked. I wanted to test out whether it lived up to their claims and whether it would remove even the toughest waterproof mascara in my collection. This was the first product that I started using the minute I got my goodies and I decided to use it every night for the past 2 weeks, using different methods and products to see which method removes my makeup best.

The Max brand is not available in South Africa but I have seen two more popular brands namely Wonder Towel (R199) and Makeup Eraser (R249.99). I obviously cannot attest for which one is better as I haven’t used either of the two but I just wanted to throw it out there just in case you wanted to give this cloth a go. Now one of the main reasons why I was so excited to try this makeup removing cloth is because it claims that you don’t need additional product such as liquid makeup remover or makeup cleansing milk. I thought that it was also a great substitute for makeup remover wipes especially since, recently attention was brought to the disposal of wipes and their inability to be recycled or the Max Makeup Cleansing Towel comes in a pack of two. It is super soft and very gentle on the skin. Instead of keeping you to the end of the post to see whether it works or not… It really does. It does a great job at removing makeup and prepping your skin for your night time skincare routine. It even removes “tough” makeup like waterproof mascara and makeup that has been set with different powders and setting sprays. After a long day and it is time for my makeup to come off, I simply wet the cloth and squeeze out excess water then wipe off my makeup in circular motions. On the care instructions it says that you should squeeze out excess water instead of wringing it dry.

I have used my Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk to remove my makeup with the cloth but I feel like it used too much product as opposed to using clean water. The Sephora micellar cleansing milk did however also do an amazing job at removing my makeup. Ultimately you would question whether a normal facecloth could remove your makeup as well and the answer is yes, but it is however much more abrasive on the skin. The Max Makeup Cleansing Towel consists of microfibres that is so gentle on the skin and only requires water to get rid of stubborn makeup at the end of the wash instructions are all stated on the label and I usually just use either shampoo or face wash to remove the stains from the cloth. In order for me to keep it in the best shape and condition as possible, I prefer handwashing it. It dries relatively fast which means that it is perfect for traveling. I would use it at night and by the next morning it would be dry. You can however just wet a small portion of it only when removing your makeup.

Some areas on your face requires lots of rubbing to get  makeup off, especially the eye area. If you’re someone like me that has light sensitive or sensitive eyes in general, you know the struggle with removing makeup, this item is perfect for you.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! I feel like it is a great way to save money and also find something that is gentle on the skin.


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