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Fashion Friday: The Paperbag Pants


Even though we are always one or two seasons behind when it comes to catching up with trends and our retailers stocking the hottest trends at the moment, what I absolutely adore about the South African fashion scene is that a trend tends to extend further than a season. This ultimately means that we get more out of our clothes and brands and designers really get to experiment with trends as long as it sticks around. Now a trend that has been spotted all over the net and in glossy magazines is the Paperbag Pants. In 2017 this trend was amongst the top 12 trends predicted to dominate the fashion scene in 2018 and I have to say that I am absolutely living for it! Even though the trend has been around for a hot minute, nothing feels forced or dated and I see people loving it now more than ever. Sometimes it’s hard to find a trend that I know many people would like/love (like the trends that I have featured over the past 3 weeks) but I feel like the Paperbag style is such a winner in my books.

The Paperbag style is such a universally flattering style for every body shape and I feel like you can get a lot of wear out of it if paired with different items. I see the Paperbag trend becoming a staple in many people’s closets and can be dubbed a classic. There’s many to choose from as they come in all different shapes, sizes and textures that make it possible for you to wear for work and play. With the different cuts of these pants, you can find one that is fitting to your body type and what you are most comfortable in. I have rounded up my top picks that I think my readers would mostly gravitate towards. This week for my fave fash picks, I decided to add a few different retailers where you can shop this trend.City Girl Vibe x The Paper Bage TrendNow as you can tell, you get muted shades that classifies it as the perfect work wear attire and then there’s the brazen print that has more of a playful nature to it making it a suitable option for everyday leisure wear. The versatility of the Paperbag pants is my most favourite aspect as it is such multi seasonal pants. Thicker fabrications can we worn in the colder winter months, the cropped pair can be worn in spring/autumn and the thinner or shorter pairs in summer.

For my fashion inspiration today I decided to select three celebs wearing it for the different seasons. If this is a trend that you may find a bit intimidating to wear then I would suggest going for a classic pencil cut in a muted shade. The trend doesn’t have to be dubbed formal – in the least bit as there are many laidback approaches to it as seen on me for using the same celebs over and over in the past three weeks but I have to say that these women are bringing it in the trend department. As you can see in my top picks, there’s a style and price for everyone. I am loving this trend and may be leaning toward making myself a pair. The Paperbag trend extends further than pants though and you can find it in skirts as well. I can do a skirt version for next week or would that be an overkill? You decide!

Do you see yourself wearing the Paperbag pants?


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