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{Explore} My Favourite spots to catch the Cape Town sunset.

Today on the blog I decided that I want to step away from the usual fashion and beauty posts and just put the spotlight on the heartbeat of this blog… Cape Town. I have a certain level of appreciation for everything Cape Town and it was what ultimately nudged the idea and name behind the blog. Previously, City Girl Vibe was much more travel/exploring orientated before I became so enrobed in everything else but seeing that I am much more flexible with my time now – I absolutely want to get back into it and highlight Cape Town on the blog or not you’re from Cape Town, we all know this city is synonymous for its picturesque settings and sunsets and I thought why not make that the topic of discussion today. Many people think that you need to hike up Lion’s Head or go up to Signal Hill to really get to witness what Cape Town sunsets has to offer but I am here to argue my case.  Even though we are currently in the winter season, we do sometimes get braced with the most beautiful sunsets and pictures can’t do it justice. If you really want to witness a Cape Town sunset in all its glory, I would suggest you stick around and make a mental note of my fave spots around the Mother City that you can chase the Cape Town sunset.

Lagoon Beachcity-girl-vibe-x-sunstays-lagoon-beach-sunsetsNow this spot is probably my favourite spot in Cape Town and I favour it over any other place. The reason why I love this side of Milnerton so much is because not many people flock here and you get to enjoy it more. This area is my staycation hotspot of choice and it makes an appearance on the blog quite often. If the sunset is not sufficient to get you here which I highly doubt, then I would suggest that you read my staycation posts here, here and here. See what I mean when I say that I love this spot? You know the sunsets are spectacular when one of the places that I stayed at are named ”Sunstays”. As equal as the sunsets, the sunrises are just as breathtaking.

V&A Waterfrontcity-girl-vibe-x-va-waterfront-sunsetIn this post I bring you the best sunsets from the sea and land. V&A Waterfront is tourist heaven but it is such a hotspot for us locals as well. My favourite thing about the V&A is having so many things to do in one location be it shopping, dining, entertainment or leisure. Sunsets as well, we cannot forget about that. If you’re a sunset chaser like me, I would suggest that you experience it from the Cape Town waters at least once. This particular shot was taken on NYE a little while back when my friends and I rang in the new year on a catamaran. Oh it was glorious!, and it is highly recommended.  Aside from experiencing the sunset from the V&A canals, you sail out to Bantry Bay (depending on the company you’re sailing with) and you get to witness the beaming sunset. You also get front row seats to all of the Cape’s main attractions like CPT Stadium, Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. The city lights lies at the foot of the sunset which makes everything a little bit more magical.

Camps Baycity-girl-vibe-x-camps-bay-sunset-cape-townThis is one of the more popular options on my list. I am so envious of the people that live in this area as they get to witness the beauty all year round. Even though summer is a bit of a stretch away, you know those days when you’re just lounging on the beach until the sun goes down? This is the type of day that you would experience a sunset like this or even just a stroll down the Camps Bay strip or sundowners (see what I did there? 😉 ) at Café Caprice. This area houses many panoramic views of Cape Town so you’re bound to feel the sunset on your skin while taking in the breathtaking views of the Camps Bay strip.

That is a wrap up of my fave spots around Cape Town where I love to experience the sunset every once in a while, that doesn’t require me to hike up a mountain. Do you have suggestions on places that I can explore to experience the majestic Cape sunset?


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