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{New In} From UAE Drugstore.

It is that time of the year where my “beauty mule” comes from the UAE and brings me some goodies that I can’t wait to test out. Now usually when you have someone coming from the Middle East or whichever place where there’s products that you can’t find in your country/city then the top recommended store would be Sephora. I wanted to try something different. I wanted to see what the drugstore had in terms of skincare and whatever other bits and bobs she would find fitting for I thought I would share some of the goodies that I received and this will also stand as a preview of reviews that you can expect in the coming weeks. I started using some of these products right away so that I can give you the low-down on what I’ve been loving and what I would recommend to you should you find yourself in the UAE. Not everything made it onto the blog and not everything that I mention in this post will make it in a review like the Cala Body Refresher Cleansing Glove and Makeup-Brush. Come’on… I know you darlings don’t want to read about how well I clean myself. 😀

city-girl-vibe-x-himalaya-herbals-nourishing-skin-creamHimalaya Herbals: Nourishing Skin Cream – All Day Moisturizer 

This product/brand is also available in South Africa. You can find it both online and in stores, with quite an extensive range on offer. I started using this product right away as skincare takes longer to review as opposed to a makeup product or gadget. I always spot this brand and for some reason never gravitated toward popping any of their goodies in my shopping basket. I will however have a full review of this moisturizer on the blog in the next week or so.

city-girl-vibe-x-yardley-london-arabiaYardley English Lavender Perfume set and Luxury Soap 

You guys! @YardleyLondonArabia is doing the utter most. I never even knew Yardley extended itself this far in terms of cosmetics. I am an avid user of their makeup but soaps are something new to me. I have been playing around with these already and I may or may not feature it on the blog. It is however items that I know many SA beauty enthusiasts would love. I will most probably share it with my mom and hear what she has to say about these products and then maybe report back in a full review in the coming weeks.

city-girl-vibe-x-cala-body-refresher-cleansing-glove-and-makeup-brush1Cala Body Refresher Cleansing Glove and Makeup-Brush

Now these two items will definitely not make it onto the blog for a review. I will however use the items. Cala is quite big in the UAE as they have an extensive range of loofers, hair brushes, cosmetic brushes… you name it. I bought a few of these body refresher cleansing gloves the last time I was in Dubai and I have to say that it was such as goodie! The makeup brush is for foundation and it is such great quality. I am usually not a fan of this type of makeup brush for foundation as I prefer a kabuki brush but I will definitely give this one a shot.

city-girl-vibe-x-fem-skin-softening-hair-removal-creamFem Skin Softening Hair Removal Cream

Out of all the products, I am most excited to try this because heck I am in need this hairy girl problems! I will probably put this to the test in a few months as it’s winter now and I don’t have a significant other to have super smooth legs or whatever for 🙄 . This product must be like Veet. I will however report back if it works or if it is complete trash. This product is aimed at sensitive skin so I am happy for that as I have sensitive skin that misbehaves whenever something is remotely harsh.

city-girl-vibe-x-max-makeup-removing-cleansing-towel Max: Makeup Cleansing Towel

I have always wondered what the deal was with these makeup remover towels and now that I have two I get the jist of it. I have been using these everyday since I got it and I will have a review up on the blog later this week. If you want to know if it really works or if it is a gimmick, definitely come check back later this week to read my thoughts on it. This brand is not available in SA but I am have seen these makeup remover towels being sold locally if you’re perhaps interested in trying this product out.

And that is a wrap up of my new goodies from the UAE Drugstore. Which items got your attention the most? Thank you for reading darlings and here’s to a fabush Monday and week ahead.