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{Review} 2true Voluptulash Waterproof Mascara

We all love a little volume in our lashes and today’s product that is up for review may just be that coat of magic that your eyelashes are looking for… sheeeesh when did I become this poetic? Nonetheless, Today I will be telling you about a budget mascara that I only recently started using after finding it on sale at Clicks. Yes my loves, Clicks is my beauty heaven and there is not an opportunity that goes by where I am in the mall and pop in there to see what’s on offer. I have seen the 2true brand at Clicks before but haven’t seen a big selection of products on offer. I did a little bit of a Google-search-a-roo and was surprised to see how big this brand is in the UK.

Their prices both locally and internationally aligns with a brand like Signature and is in the lower price spectrum of the beauty market. This however is not a testament to the quality of their products as I have countless times mentioned that you find some spectacular products in the budget friendly lines (it makes appearances on the blog all the time). Now the 2true Voluptulash Waterproof Mascara that I will be talking about today is not a new product. In fact it is quite old and is a recurring product in the brand’s range of mascaras. I picked this mascara up for under R50 at Clicks and I would definitely define it as an everyday you’re in the market for a mascara that is going to give voluminous lashes, that is visible from 10km away then this is not the product for you. Even though this mascara labels itself as such, this mascara is more of an everyday – no mess – no fuss – type of mascara that does an excellent job at creating a tiny bit of volume in your lashes and making it look more wispy. I have extremely sensitive eyes and the use of most mascaras just irritates my eyes so when I do find one that doesn’t burn the living daylights out of my eyes, I stick to it. This mascara does just that.

I haven’t tested the waterproof theory because… like… uhmm… I don’t want to get caught in the rain and I dislike being wet anyway. I have rubbed my eyes when wearing this mascara and it didn’t rub off easily. When I remove my makeup at night before cleansing, I would either use a makeup remover wipe or my Sephora Micellar Cleansing Milk  and I didn’t have to tug at my eye to get the product off my lashes. city-girl-vibe-x-2true-voluptulash-wsterproof-mascara-wand1I love how product doesn’t gather at the base of the wand and hallelujah for a traditional spoolie. I am so tired of these oversized wands and gimmicky spoolies that makes the mascara near impossible to use. Just the right amount of product gets picked up on the wand and you’re left with sufficient mascara to give your lashes a few coats. This mascara is buildable on the lashes and doesn’t clump at all.

A few layers also doesn’t make your lashes hard. I chose the shade 1 Black which is obviously my colour choice for a mascara and is quite universal. I am all for the sleek, no mess, no fuss, standard packaging of this mascara. If you’re in the market for just an everyday mascara for work then I would highly recommend this, I also feel like this mascara is a good start for girls just getting in the makeup groove or even for teen girls that loves a wispy lash with minimal makeup.


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