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{Review} Pond’s White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel

Today on the blog, I thought that we should step away from makeup for just a little bit and focus on skincare. We all know that winter is the time of the year where your skin needs all the TLC that it can get so I love trying out new skincare. Over my broke student years status, Pond’s have always been my “go to” brand for affordable products and I love trying their new releases when it appeals to me and my skincare needs.

If you read my empties post last week then you might have noticed that I burn through face washes really fast. The main reason for this is that I use it twice a day. I use it in the morning to cleanse my skin and remove excess oil before I apply makeup or else the oil build up just eats the makeup from my face. At night I use the facewash to remove my makeup and to prevent my already enlarged pores from clogging. The face wash that I will be reviewing today is the White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel from Pond’ cleansing gel claims to lighten skin and dark spots. Now firstly, I am not in the market to lighten my skin and to be quite honest I haven’t seen this happening in the ±  2 months that I have been using this cleansing gel. I have however seen a reduction in the dark circles around my eyes caused by lack of sleep. Even with the reduction in my dark circles around my eyes, I can’t be 100% sure that it is this cleansing gel as I now do get more sleep as I did in comparison to the past few months. The cleansing gel further claims to lighten skin and dark spots by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin revealing a clear and translucent complexion. As I am already somewhat light of complexion, this might be why I haven’t experienced this but I wouldn’t recommend this cleansing gel for my deeper skin toned girls.

The cleansing gel is packed with Pro-Vitamin B3 which is proven to be highly beneficial for one’s skin as it helps reduce wrinkles, uneven skin tone, assist in healing acne,  reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces topical inflammation and can help with sun damage. The underline scent of this product has floral notes, it smells extremely high end and definitely more luxe than any other budget brand that I have ever used.  I would wet my face with lukewarm water, squeeze a pea size amount onto my hand, add some water to the cleansing gel and apply it to my face by massaging it into the skin causing it to lather up. city-girl-vibe-x-ponds-white-beauty-pearl-cleansing-gel-reviewAs you can see, the consistency of the product is quite thick and gel looking but once it gets massaged into the skin with the lukewarm water, the product spreads over your skin evenly. Surprisingly for a product that is so scented, this cleansing gel didn’t irritate my skin one bit. It is quite deep cleansing but you aren’t left with skin feeling tight or stripped from its natural oils. After I have rinsed the product from my face thoroughly, I let it air dry as I try to not dry my face with a towel. My face is left feeling super soft and well cleaned. If you have light-medium skin tone then I would highly recommend this face wash as an everyday gentle cleanser.

Now I have had this cleansing gel for quite a while and only started using it after I finished the African Extract Rooibos Spot Control Face Wash and my Avon Light Moisture Cleansing Gel and I honestly can’t even remember where I bought it. I tried searching for it online and saw that it is no longer sold in our stores like Clicks, Dischem or Pick n Pay but you can however shop for it online at . On wantitall this product retails for … *clears throat* clicks in next tab to triple check the price R795. I will repeat this… R795. Yes I have all my figures in the correct places and I may be a little bit shook myself but that is what it is going for. I certainly recall that I did not pay over R100 for this cleansing gel and as much as I love it, I definitely don’t think that it is worth that price. It says that this product is imported from US, so that might be why it is so overpriced.


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