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Seeing that I am now officially back into my blogging routine, I thought that I should slow down for just a few seconds. I kind of just got back into the swing of things and didn’t even do a full explanation of what’s been happening on my end of things. I am just going to start off by apologizing for my absence and also for this picture heavy post.  You can play catch up and read all of the posts that I have published in the slider bar on my home screen.

As i mentioned last week, my academic year is over and I couldn’t be happier. I am one of those people that is just not a fan of studying. The actual process thereof and the whole journey. I am a doer, a practical individual and thrive best when I do what I have learnt physically and not by books or someone dictating what should be done.

Yes that is how I tick.

Now bare with me. This post might seem all over the place but I guess that is my personality and how I get along. I have this organized mess of a structure happening but I know how to navigate through the craziness. I would also like to THANK my readers for sticking it out, welcome new readers, thank the brands that stuck with me and also to my bestie/MUA/Photographer – Zoor for always being down for a collaboration and being my blog supporter from day one. I have many people in my life that supports this crazy journey of mine and having a support system is always great and needed. At the moment, I am just trying to recover from the past few months in regards to health. On the last day when I wrote my final paper, it felt like my system crashed. I am not someone that has health issues…EVER but recovering from this mid year burnout has been challenging to say the least. Flu, aches, pains, cramps, migraines – just go away already! city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-rangeOkay now let me tell you about this whirlwind stretching from January to July, apart from the mountain of assignments and studying, we got to work on a range. I am only sharing our range on the blog because I received such great feedback on my social media accounts when I shared my Eid outfit and also people asking about it. It was alot to mention and reply to in comments and emails, so I thought why not compile a blog post. Not to toot my own horn but I feel like it turned out amazing given all the other components that you will never imagine that goes into a range… heck this range included blood, sweat and tears.

As for the design process, we had a few categories to choose from and we were required to team up and create groups of four. I don’t even know how we formed our group but I couldn’t have asked for a better team of women to have worked with. Each bringing their own create flair and personality into their garments and witnessing how it tied up as a range in the end – was really such a noteworthy experience that I would absolutely redo it in a heartbeat. city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-tasneem-thomas

For our garments, we catered for autumn/winter. Clothing that paired well with items that is already in our closet and that can add to a list of staple pieces. As it is autumn/winter clothing, the garments would obviously have to be compatible with the layering of clothing items. We didn’t want to select fabric that were too heavy as it can easily become restricting or uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than wearing something that is uncomfortable, right? right! city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-x-anela-kobe

Now for style inspiration, we went with the ‘bell” silhouette, style, shape and draping. We incorporated the bell shape in elements of our garments while adding a modern twist to it. We wanted the garments to remain classic and timeless and would stretch further than the current season. While still remaining in the theme of our range, each individual brought their own unique style into their garments. Even though this is our style, I feel like we all went out of our comfort zone and designed pieces that we wouldn’t normally wear. city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-x-margaux-zoa-wagenaar1

Our colour palette consisted of deep hues that would compliment the season and every skin tone that would wear it. We didn’t want to go with the common deep reds, black and brows so we opted for lighter shades of blues, mustards and a floral print to give pops of colour. As you can tell, the garment silhouettes are very fitting to the body but still remains comfortable to wear and isn’t restricting in the least bit. We all went with white in our outfits to give a classic element to our individual ensembles and make the shirts/blouses an “all year round” piece.  city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-mbali-mdluli

As we are all from different religious and cultural backgrounds, all our garment styles are different. We brought an element of individuality to each ensemble which I feel makes it more diverse. We are all built differently so in our range there were something for each and every body type. The fact that it is such a wide size range, our clothing stretches further than the South African market only. city-girl-vibe-x-mamma-mia-range-designersNow to wrap up our range story, maybe not particularly focusing on our styles of garments – I wish more South African retailers would cater the same type of clothing to women of all shapes and sizes and trash that theory of having individual clothing lines catering to an individual size range.

With all that was said in this post, I would just like to say Thank you once again for being so patient with me while I was hard at work this year. Thank you Zoor for doing our makeup and photography. Tomorrow I will commence with regular posting. If you made it till the end of this post then YOU’RE A STAR. I’M SENDING YOU VIRTUAL HUGS AND KISSES XOXO.

Also, just for some shits and giggles – If we were a South African fashion retailer and brought something like this to the market, would you support our brand?



2 thoughts on “Updates…

  1. I definitely would support your brand my love what you guys made are just beautiful and would make it very easy to incorporate in the wardrobe one has. And thanks for the hugs

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