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Fashion Friday: The Waist Bag

Flashback Friday lovers!


Today’s post somewhat pays homage to the 90’s bum bag, moon bag, fanny pack or whatever you want to call it but now dubbed in a more modern term known as the waist bag. This is  by no means a new trend on the block and has been seen since last year. I was hoping that the trend would somewhat fade away but the fashion influencers decided otherwise. Even though to me, the waist bag is one of those items that I love on other people but not on myself. When the waist bag first appeared on the fashion scene last year, I was not too keen but I slowly warmed up to the idea when I saw the different styling methods involved.

There has been quite a few failed attempts in previous years to make this trend stick again but all it took was the Rihanna’s, Kardashians/Jenners of the world to make this trend so mainstream again. The waist bag made a huge appearance in the Supreme x Louis Vuitton runway show last year and fashion enthusiast quite liked the aesthetic appeal our retailers in South Africa being inundated with the variety of styles, textures, sizes and fabrications, I feel like the waist bag is ‘living its best life’ on the interwebs. I have rounded up my top choices of the waist bag from a plethora of online stores and retail outlets that you can get in on this trend.

The modern term of this trend may be labeled as “the waist bag” but I have been spotting celebrities wear their bags over the shoulder, across their body and under their arm. What this indicates to me? versatility. I hate to admit it but the blog predominantly caters to females but today I felt like I should include something for my 1/100 male readers (to females) in terms of styling. city-girl-vibe_male-celebs-wearing-the-waist-bag1As you can tell, the waist bag has been worn from the red carpet, to the street and even events – it’s a ”THING” now! Whether you’re taking a sports luxe approach to the trend or a more laid back approach, you will absolutely find a bag to suit your preference. Not forgetting about my female readers, I have rounded up some styles that I feel is so relatable in terms of practicality and aesthetics that appeals to the’s to wishing you a fab weekend that involves shopping up a storm! Before you log off —- YAY or NAY for the waist bag?


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Waist Bag

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  2. I love these so much and I know its contradictory to like something but don’t own one. I like to watch others wearing them but for me nah. I’m full figured and do not like things that pulls interest to be anywhere near my tummy.

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