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Empties #5

Today I am back with yet another post. Did I mention how good it feels to be back to blogging? Oh yes I did! I even posted on Saturday which is such a rarity for me and has probably only happened once before in the 7 years that I have had this blog. Nonetheless, today I am back with another Empties post. The last time I did an empties was in 2016 and I have found that by me doing empties posts, it really does save me from wasting money and only using products halfway. In today’s post I will be focusing on products that I have been using from start to finish and let you know what worked for me and what didn’ you take a looksee at what’s peeping out in my empties bin, I would describe it as my basic survival items. No mess, no fuss items and just the bare minimum that got me through the past few months such as dry shampoo (because I just didn’t have the time to do my hair as often), eyebrow gel ( to tame my unruly eyebrows because I didn’t have the time have them done)… and so on.

African Extract Rooibos Spot Control Face Wash
city-girl-vibe-x-african-extracts-rooibos-spot-control-facewashI have done a full review on the African Extracts Daily Purifying Pack a few months back and I have repurchased this face wash. That should be a testament as to how good and how much I love this face wash. It is not very harsh on the skin and does a great job at removing makeup and excess oil at the end of the night. I used this face wash twice a day and it didn’t strip my skin from its natural oils at all. Will I repurchase it? Absolutely. It is worth your money and is quite budget friendly.

Batiste Dry Shampoo for BrunettesIMG_4841Now this dry shampoo has been a lifesaver for months! There were days where I just couldn’t be bothered to do my hair and have it perfectly styled. I would do a few sprays in my hair and work this product through to absorb excess oils from my hair. As I have an oily T-zone, my eyebrows would get greasy as well so I would spray a tiny bit of this dry shampoo on my spoolie or eyebrow brush and comb it through my brows. Seeing that this is a tinted dry shampoo, it didn’t leave a white cast on my brows as most dry shampoos usually does. I also have a post dedicated to dry shampoo hacks that you can give a read over here.

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in shade 365 Passion Plum and Rimmel London in shade 170 Alarmcity-girl-vibe-x-rimmel-london-lipsticksFor both lippies, these are usually my go to shades. I love that they are long lasting but yet doesn’t dry the lips out. It is in fact quite hydrating. These two lippies are repurchases as well and have featured on the blog many times before. I loved the Maybelline Colorsensational lippie to give my lips a burst of colour and the Rimmel lippie still stands as a firm fave in my books as a classic red lippie that even trumps the likes of MAC Ruby Woo. Both are super affordable and will be making it into my shopping cart come month end.

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascaracity-girl-vibe-x-essence-make-me-brow-eyebrow-gel-mascaraI have been dying to try this eyebrow gel for the longest time, ever since I saw it being so popular amongst beauty bloggers in South Africa. I have been searching for this eyebrow gel for months and just gave up on it when I didn’t find it at Clicks. In between that I just used my Signature Complete Glamour Brows palette and set it with the dry shampoo. One day I finally spotted this eyebrow gel in the sale bin at Clicks and I didn’t hesitate to pop it in my basket.  After using this eyebrow gel, I can definitely see why it is a firm favourite amongst beauty enthusiast.  This sets your brows in place perfectly without making it feel crunchy. This brow gel is also perfect for those days where you just want to tame your brows (for those that have fuller brows like me) and don’t have the time to fill in those sparse areas or to go full on snatched brows. Will I repurchase this? 100x YES!

Avon Light Moisture Cleansing Gelcity-girl-vibe-light-moisture-fomaing-gel-cleanser-reviewI have done a full review on this cleanser in a previous post and it still remains one of my top facial cleansers. As you can tell – I burn through face washes really fast so the fact that this facial cleanser appeared in an empties post previously says a lot about my love for this product. If you’re on a budget and are on the lookout for a new facial cleanser then give this one a go.

L.A Girl Pro Coverage HD Long Wear Foundationcity-girl-vibe-x-l-a-girl-pro-coverage-hd-foundtionThere is nothing I love more than trying a new foundation. Yes, sometimes it’s a hit and sometimes it’s a miss. I bought this foundation back in December and only just ran out a few weeks back. This foundation really gives you the perfect coverage and is completely buildable. I usually go for a medium coverage but if you’re a full coverage girl then this foundation will work for you as well.  One thing that I have the biggest gripe with when it comes to this foundation is that if you have oily/combo skin then this foundation is definitely not for you. The first two hours of me wearing this foundation gives me the best coverage that I have ever had from a drugstore foundation  but after two hours in summer time then I am a complete oily mess, not just on my T-zone but my entire face. To be completely honest, blotting and dusting powder over at the touch up interval is only temporary and I end up having to touch up every two hours or else this foundation separates in certain areas.  When the colder months started rolling in this foundation was my ride or die as I don’t really get greasy in winter obviously. I do however know that L.A Girl released the Pro Matte HD High Definition Longwear Foundation but I haven’t seen it at Dischem yet but as soon as we get it in SA then I will definitely be doing a review on it. I have used many L.A Girl products before and I know that they have bomb a$$ products to suit every budget girl’s pocket. Come month end, this foundation will make its way into my basket as I find it best suitable for my skin in the colder months.

That is a wrap up of my current empties. Are there any items in my empties bin that you have tried?   


4 thoughts on “Empties #5

  1. I haven’t used any liquid foundation only sponge on, probably because I have naturally clear skin which helps me get away with only powder, mascara, lipstick or lip gloss. I have the same combination skin as yours so I’ll wait for the matte one. Thanks for such an informative post.

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