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World Chocolate Day with #OreoEnrobed

Happy World Chocolate Day to my choccie loving chocoholics. Yes – there is a day dedicated just to us and if I was the decider of public holidays then I would totally deem the 7th of July a public holiday. Now let’s rewind just a little bit. Last year on the 7th of July the evil geniuses (yes, I dubbed them that because who would’ve thought that Oreos could taste even better?) over at Cadbury and Oreo decided to collaborate and bless us cookie loving and chocoholics with one orgasmic little circular, highly addictive treat that had us hooked from day one.

I remember the moment I shared the new release of the Oreo x Cadbury colab, my readers and followers went crazy. I got a stream of messages asking about it and by then I just knew that the new addition would be a hit. I haven’t met one person that didn’t like the Oreo Enrobed and its understandably to celebrate Oreo Enrobed turning 1 years old and World Chocolate Day, we had a party at CGV HQ. We had a Oreo cake made by M & H Treats and we had a feast! Of course we had to incorporate the original Oreos into the cake as well and let me just say that I died and went to chocolate heaven. city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-enrobed-turns-one-years-oldYou guys, I CALLED IT! I CALLED IT! I CALLED IT! When I introduced the Oreo Enrobed cookie on the blog last year, the one recommendation that I made to the brand was to to come out with a family sized pack of the cookies and low and behold – this year they did! You see what happens when you put things out in the universe? Good things happen. The Oreo enrobed now also comes in a family sized pack with six packets in each box. The packaging of the cookie in the family sized box is different to the individual packets with the two Oreo Enrobed cookies but that’s okay, as long as we get the goodness inside. city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-enrobed-1-years-oldAfter getting the whole family hooked on Oreo Enrobed cookies and us all being chocolate wasted on World Chocolate Day, I have to say that the #OreoEnrobed cookie has become a firm favourite in my household and is always on my recommendations list to anybody craving a sweet treat.

Let’s all join me in wishing this yummy cookie a HAPPY 1st Birthday! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next, we definitely know it’s going to be magical.

I won’t keep you lovies from enjoying a yummy Oreo Enrobed on this WCD and if you need to jet off to the stores to get your chocolate fix of #OreoEnrobed… I would suggest that you do so RIGHT NOW as this treat is quite popular and we don’t want you missing out on the wonderfilled goodness that is Oreo smothered in delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk.:P


2 thoughts on “World Chocolate Day with #OreoEnrobed

  1. I am inlove with these. My kids love them but they were my own treat on the WCD because they’re on school holiday break in Port Elizabeth. One thing though, why did my enrobed cookies not come with a cake like yours? 😀

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