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Fashion Friday: The Beret

Happy Friday lovies! You may be surprised to see me posting but I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to be back into the swing of creating and shooting new content for the blog. My 2018 academic year is finally over and that means that I get to catch up on the latest trends and review new products that is on the market and report back on items that is worth spending your coin on. With that being said, today’s featured trend is probably something that you’ve seen almost everyone, including your grandma (literally) wearing. I haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest trends – in between all of the studying, assignments and working on a range, but one trend that have caught my eye when scrolling through my feed is definitely the beret.

I have been seeing so many different variations of this trend and it makes my inner 1960’s Twiggy in a yellow beret squeal with excitement. One of the things that fascinates me most about this trend is how designers and retailers have shifted from highlighting the traditional felt or knitted beret to offering them in a plethora of textures, designs and fabrics. With a more minimalistic approach to the beret, you are bound to find one to you liking such as the common knitted one or even the neutral shade to complete your outfit. city-girl-vibe-x-beret-trendFor those seeking a tad bit more adventure or dramatization is this even a word? additions to their outfit, there’s one for your too – with OTP embellishments or stud detailing.  I took the liberty to scour the internet and different stores to find my top picks and fave styles of berets to suit everyone’s budgets. Being back in touch with life and fashion, I have noticed that this trend extends further than autumn/winter by celebrities wearing it with their summer/spring time OOTD and even modern day hijabis rocking it over their scarves.

Apart from the fact that it is deemed as an accessory and doesn’t offer much heat insulation in the “covering your ears” department, I will say that it is quite practical for covering a bad hair day 😛 and will give that extra oomph that your outfit needs. Of course I like giving some celeb inspiration on how to rock this trend and today my pick is usually choose three different celebrities to showcase my Fashion Friday trend but today Riri has shown us just how it’s done. I love Rihanna’s take on the beret and how she breaks the rule from the common Parisian styled beret OOTD to a more edgy and street style look. From summer to autumn to winter and how to style it.  With that being said, Yay or Nay for the modern day beret?



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