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Fashion Friday: AFICTFW Day 3 + #OOTD

It feels like I haven’t blogged in ages and it’s definitely not a lack of inspiration or not having products to review. Things have been hectic… hectic is an understatement. It is my last few months at university and I am swamped with deadlines, I can’t recall the last time I didn’t have a deadline looming or being preoccupied with university assignments/studying on the weekend. This past weekend I made it my mission to take just one day off to enjoy my annual rendezvous that is Cape Town Fashion Week. I have to say that over the years that I have attended fashion week, 2018 is the year that stood out the most in terms of designers, creativity and the overall vibe of the fashion scene in Cape Town. city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-10I chose the Saturday shows which was the final day of Fashion Week 2018 and ended up seeing Adele Dejak (Kenya), Imprint (SA) and Adama Paris (Senegal). I have to say that each designer had pieces in their collection that blew my mind. Coming from a student that studies Clothing and Textiles Engineering, I can’t even comprehend how their designs moved me and inspired me for my current range that I am working on.

Adele Dejak was the first ever accessories designer that I’ve ever came across at fashion week and I was in awe of her designs. I remember my bestie and I gasping at every single piece coming down the runway and making mental wish lists of everything we NEEDED.. which was everything. Her designs were new, fresh, bold, different and truly beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of Adele as I am deeply inspired by her work.

I’ve seen Imprint at fashion week previously and Mzukisi Mbane never ceases to amaze me. His use of brazen abstract geometric prints and garment construction is noteworthy and in my opinion remains one of my favourite local designers. city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-6city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-7city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-9city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-5IMG_4216Adama Paris from Senegal is new on my fashion radar. I have never heard of her before but the moment I saw her opening look on the runway I was speechless. Her collection encapsulates the mood of a contemporary woman and I AM HERE FOR IT! 

This year for fashion week I was a little bit more prepared just kidding, I was still sewing the afternoon of the show and decided to go full on African print inspired from head to toe. I designed a simplistic pleated dress and paired it with a plaited belt to cinch in the waist. I guess fashion week won’t be complete without my outfit dilemmas every year, right? right! Makeup artist bestie Zoor  worked his magic and pushed me out of my comfort zone with a bold smokey eye and nude lip. It really tied my look together along with my hair braided on the one side and curly on the other. city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-1city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-3city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-4city-girl-vibe-x-afictfw2018-12You know you have fellow designers as friends when everyone designs their own outfits and that is exactly what we did.

Now back to the books with me, I will definitely be pushing more content as I have settled into the year. Thank you for reading darlings!


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