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{Review} Avon Foot Works duo to get your feet sandal season ready.

Sandal season is fast approaching and today I will be telling you darlings about the two products worth looking into to prep your feet come warm summer weather. I am not a feet person, I repeat – I AM NOT A FEET PERSON … at all. What I mean by “I am not a feet person” is that I don’t like people touching my feet so a pedi or foot massage is out of the question. If I can find a product(s) that works for me and that suits my budget then I am a happy camper. Even if the product exceeds my budget, I don’t mind forking out a little extra as my feet is definitely the one area that I don’t invest too much into so something that gets the job done is definitely a bestie of once in awhile I like flipping through the Avon brochure to see what I NEED. I have honestly stopped the whole process of buying things that I don’t need… well almost. A few months back I came across the Foot Works range and I decided to order two products in the range. In this month’s brochure I didn’t spot this range but I have spotted two other ranges in the Foot Works collection with similar products to what I will reviewing today. All the products in the Avon Foot Works collection is quite affordable as I remember paying under R100 for both of these.

First up I have the Avon Foot Works Comforting Soak. The foot soak is such a goodie when you’ve had a long day and you just need to unwind. I love using mine with my foot-spa but it works just as well without it. I pour a small amount into the water of the footspa, turn on the vibration and bubble setting so that the product can incorporate into the water and then turn it off so that my feet can soak for a while. When you’ve completed your at home footspa treatment, you can actually feel the difference to your feet and the skin. Your feet is left feeling super soft and rested. The scent of this foot soak is quite refreshing but not as potent as I would have liked as the fragrance doesn’t linger too long after usage. city-girl-vibe-x-avon-foot-works-comforting-soakWay back when I just started my blog (please excuse the really really really bad image quality) I reviewed the Le Edge Exfoliating tool and I have to say that the Avon Foot Soak and the Le Edge exfoliating tool goes hand in hand. It does a great job at removing dead skin on the feet, especially the heel area. If you ever have R 1 705 to invest in your skin then I would suggest getting the Le Edge exfoliating tool from Wantitall (Even though I would never be able to justify spending that amount on it).

Next up is the Avon Foot Works Sole Support Cushion Cream. Now this product was my bestie even in the colder winter months. To prevent dried, cracked and flakey heels – I would slather this product all over my feet and put on a pair of socks to lock in the moisture just before going to bed at night. This cushion cream leaves your feet feeling ultra soft and hydrated. With this cream you require the smallest bit of product as a little goes a long way. The cream smells so good and definitely lingers way longer than the foot sole support cushion cream goes hand in hand with the foot soak and I apply it immediately after drying my feet after it’s soaked for 15+ minutes. To me the Sole Support Cushion Cream is like a pedi in a bottle… maybe without the nail grooming. Or if you wanted to you could totally go the whole nine yards. As this product is extremely hydrating on the skin, I prefer leaving it overnight with socks as opposed to using it as a daily foot cream because it has a “wet” feeling to it and it takes a while to absorb into the skin. The product claims to show results within a week and I cannot attest to that as I don’t really have dehydrated or flakey feet but I can noticeably see and feel a change in my skin.

And that’s a wrap up of my summer essentials for your feet. Any advice on products that is an absolute MUST HAVE for my feet to get them sandal season ready?


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