Short Reviews

{New} Stimorol #XFreshWatermelon

Back in August a new gum hit our shelves and of course I was more than excited to try it out. I wish I had my camera when this press drop landed on my doorstep because it’s definitely going to be a favourite and handbag essential once you’ve popped one of these in your is by far one of my favourite gum brands because the taste and flavour lingers way longer than your average gum. I always get excited when they launch flavours and I make it my mission to try it and report back. Winter had me stocking up on Stimorol X-fresh Peppermint flavour as I find that it relieves my chest and is really quite a gem when I had the flu THRICE this some perfect timing, Stimorol launched their brand spanking new flavoured gum that I will be telling you about. Nothing screams summer better than watermelon, right? Right! In August the new Stimorol X-Fresh Watermelon Flavoured gum started retailing in stores and in my personal opinion should be dubbed the gum of summer. When you bite into the gum the crystals inside releases the yummiest watermelon flavour that refreshes your mouth and leaves your breath smelling like watermelon best part of this gum is that it is sugar free and you buy the perfect handbag or backpack size pack that has eight pieces of gum in it. Even though it is sugar free, it is quite fruity and doesn’t have an artificial taste to it.

This is without a doubt the gum that you should be chewing on this summer. You can find it in all leading outlets like Pick n Pay, Clicks and Checkers.


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