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Fashion Friday: The Embroidery Trend

Happy feel Good Friday darlings! For today’s post I thought that I would kick things off for the weekend with one of the most coveted trends for both winter and summer which you may have gathered is the Embroidered/Embroidery trend. Now I have just about seen this trend being worn by everyone – from celebs to Insta Shmodels. It’s clearly high on the trends to try radar.

Over the past few months I have been following trend reports from both locally and abroad and I have seen the embroidery trend coinciding with so many of the Fashion Friday trends that I have featured in the past. Designers from Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna and Alexandra McQueen have all sent statement embroidery pieces in their ready to wear leather and denim jackets down the runway. Gone are the days where embroidery pieces were solely reserved for flamboyant gowns but where we now witness a new modern take on it. Even though the most popular design in this trend is the red roses, there are many different variations thereof and today I have compiled a list of all my favourite pieces from stores that I always know has the latest in faint detailing to OTT garments and accessories, there’s no doubt that this trend is one of the easiest styles to pull off. With embroidery being one of the hottest topics in fashion, retailers have made it easier accessible by not only selling items that has embroidery on them but also created iron on appliqués to breathe new life into that old denim jacket or parka that you have hanging in your have gathered some of my fave celeb looks on the interwebs that you can draw inspiration from. As you can tell, there are so many ways that you can rock this trend and so many different occasions. Will you be embracing some embroidery in your closet this w/s17?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Embroidery Trend

  1. I’ve seen the trend and associated it with Gucci so I was like, it must be very expensive. Thank you for this post it helps me as I’m always on budget.

  2. Wow! what you are looking in the embroidery fashion designed dress. looking bold. Thanks for enhancing the thinking of people, they forgot the embroidery fashion is also giving the bold look. thanks

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