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Oreo x Cadbury Dairy Milk #OreoEnrobed

Over the past year or so City Girl Vibe has always been there for the amazing launches that Oreo threw our way. When they  launched the Chocolate Creme flavour they definitely had us hooked and then when the Oreo Golden launched we thought that they couldn’t get any better.

Of course we were wrong.

On World Chocolate day, Oreo brought our tastebuds to a standstill. They released a new colab with Cadbury Dairy Milk where the original Oreo cookie is enrobed with chocolatey goodness! city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-cadbury-dairymilk-colabIf I had you with the above statement and you really want to head out of the door to the store and pick up the new Oreo, it is currently sold nationwide in 43gms snack packs in a box of  20. If you’re an Oreo lover then the new addition is without a doubt going to be a firm favourite of yours. I love how you can still taste that it is a Oreo, just with some added goodness.

I have to admit that I at first thought that the combination of the Oreo and the chocolate would be too sweet but I have never been happier to admit that I was wrong. If I had to sum up what the cookie tastes like then I would have to say – somewhat like Cadbury Whispers but not exactly…city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-cadbury-dairymilkI have given some of my cookies to a few people to test out and not one person didn’t like it. Lucky for them these are already in store since 07 July 17. The small snack packs are the perfect lunch box or handbag treats and I definitely do hope that Oreo launches the family size boxes.city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-cadbury-dairymilk-chocolateIf you’re keen on some wonderfilled  yumminess then definitely try to catch team Oreo around JHB over the July period. Since the 7 July Oreo wonderpeeps have been at Fourways Farmers Market, the 08th July  Neighbor Good Market , Maboneng Market on Main on Sunday, 09th July 2017 , Rosebank Sunday Market on Sunday, 23rd July 2017 from 09h00 to 15h00 and lastly Soweto Night Market on Thursday, 27th July 2017.

Will you be heading into stores to pick up a pack of the brand new Oreo x Dairy Milk cookies?

This is not a sponsored post, it is in collaboration with Oreo South Africa but all opinions are entirely my own.



4 thoughts on “Oreo x Cadbury Dairy Milk #OreoEnrobed

  1. Oh my! I’m gonna enjoy these. I think I’m gonna get fat as it’s two of my favourites fused together. I’ll check at Spar since its closer.

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