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{Review} The one product that “fixed” my skin in 3days from

Before I even start this post, this is not a sponsored post nor was this product sent to me for review purposes. I spoke to Rachelle, the owner of the about my skin as if she were my dermatologist. Without hesitation, she knew exactly what product would work for me and low and behold it did. city-girl-vibe-x-the-beautiful-store-care-and-repair-reviewNow let’s backtrack just a little bit. In the past six years that I have been blogging, I have always mentioned that I have “problematic” skin in the sense of it being extremely sensitive and finding a product that’ll work for me is like finding a needle in a haystack. Without throwing words at you that you won’t understand (I wouldn’t either if I didn’t go to the dermatologist), I have some form of dermatitis. It only affects my face, my ears and my scalp. I have to admit that it is not as bad as I have encountered in other people but the irritation that it causes on my skin is on another level of frustration. city-girl-vibe-x-the-beautiful-store-skincare-care-and-repair-plus-reviewI have honestly been battling with my skin since February. The last time I had this kind of struggle with my skin is when I returned from the Middle East because of their water. I don’t know if it is a similar situation right now with our water crisis and the water not particularly being of the same quality as it used to be but my skin started acting up as soon as our water did.

The product that Rachelle had recommended to me was the Care and Repair Plus from The Beautiful Store. This brand is exclusive to The Beautiful Store and is the online store’s own brand. Firstly if you’re looking for a product that smells like roses then you’re not going to be a fan of the product as this is a natural product made from natural ingredients and has an earthy fragrance to it. I didn’t care that it didn’t smell like a luxury product as the smell disappears the moment the product sinks into your hardest part for me was not being able to scratch my face or ears and this product soothed my skin the moment I massaged into my face in circular motion. I had inflamed spots on my face that disappeared after three days of using the Care and Repair Plus two times a day.  My skin was smoother and I actually felt comfortable enough to not wear makeup and give my skin a chance to breath. city-girl-vibe-x-the-beautiful-store-care-and-repair-plus-cinsistancyThe consistency of the product is like a crème. You do also get this product in a moisturiser type consistency which is not as thick as the crème and retails for R290 for 50ml and R585 for 150ml. A little product goes a long way so this jar will last me roughly 2-3 months. For the first time in two weeks I was able to wear makeup again as no foundation could hide my uneven skin texture and I didn’t want to irritate my skin even more. When I wear this creme it is quite comfortable on my skin and it doesn’t feel as if I am wearing anything. I have also switched to not using a primer under my foundation as this creme fills and reduces my pores without clogging them.

I am so keen to use this product on my irritated scalp to see whether it would work and I have dedicated a whole week next week to test it on my scalp. I will continue to use this product and will definitely update this post in coming weeks as this product promises to reduce pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, broken capillaries, scar tissue, sun exposure, stretch marks, healing, soothing and after shaving. One thing is for certain, this is definitely going to be my go to product this winter as it is extremely hydrating on the skin.

This product retails for R290 for 50g and is not tested on animals.


4 thoughts on “{Review} The one product that “fixed” my skin in 3days from

  1. We are so thrilled to have helped you – thank you for taking the time to write your post. We love, love this creme so when someone else finds out how great it is, our day is made!

  2. This store has lovely brands on offer at great prices. I need to make a purchase. This cream sounds really good. Would love to use it for these Winter months too.

  3. Wow it is a definite must. I suffer from skin sensitivity too which is caused by too much exposure to the sun during my teen years. I have noticed pigmentation too. I think I should find this product and make it my friend

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