{WIN} KFC’s New Smokey Avo Twister #SoWorthIt [CLOSE]

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today on the blog KFC and I have collaborated to treat my readers with some yummy KFC goodness and also to introduce one of their latest drool-worthy items on the menu, the Smokey Avo Twister. I am an avid KFC fan and it is definitely my favourite takeout joint of all time. I probably know the menu by heart so when a new item appears on the menu, I just have to try it.

As a student, cooking everyday takes up a chunk of my time and no one wants to spend time standing in front of a stove… not me at least. I want something easy, mess free but yet delicious. That is where the Smokey Avo Twister takes the spotlight. I am a loyal supporter of KFC’s original twister so it’ll take a lot to change my mind, after trying the new twister I may have a new favourite item that made it onto my number one

The Smokey Avo Twister consists of a warm tortilla wrapped around two deliciously crispy new and improved chicken fillets, shredded crisp lettuce, a dollop of avocado, smokey hickory mayo, sliced tomato and a dash of colonel dressing with a sprinkle of crouton bits.  If that didn’t make your taste buds light up then I don’t know what will! If you haven’t tried the Smokey Avo Twister then you’re definitely missing out on a mouthful of wholesome goodness.


Now onto the awesome part of this post, the darlings over at KFC wants to spoil my readers with some vouchers (that can be spent on anything but I highly recommend you try the new Smokey Avo Twister).


-You have to be following @CityGirlVibe and @KFCSA on Twitter.

– Using the #SoWorthIt, tell us your everyday struggles that you would drop to get a KFC Smokey Avo Twister instead.

– The giveaway is only open to South African readers.

The giveaway will end on 30 June 2017 and a winner will be announced every second day.  Good luck!

This post is in collaboration with KFC South Africa but in no way shadows my opinion on the reviewing process.


11 thoughts on “{WIN} KFC’s New Smokey Avo Twister #SoWorthIt [CLOSE]

  1. Have you tried one of the new burgers? They are all divine…I actually can’t choose a fave. lol. Haven’t tried this out yet….oi…the diet!

  2. My everyday struggles in getting my little girl to go to school is what would drop to get a KFC Smokey Avo Twister instead. #SoWorthIt

  3. #SoWorthit my everyday struggle is getting my wing eyeliner perfect for work each morning as I love this look for my eyes

  4. #SoWorthit my everyday struggle is getting my wing eyeliner perfect for work each morning as I love this look for my eyes, I would drop it for the KFC Smokey Avo Twister

  5. I would drop getting my 2 girls dressed in the morning to get a KFC Smokey Avo Twister instead. #SoWorthIt

  6. Ladies you have no idea how I’d drop all the peeling and cooking of veggies after a long day making sure your two hyperactive toddlers are fed and safely tucked in bed. It would be #soworthit to just leave all the preparations for our meal and enjoy an avo twister for dinner. My son and my daughter love the snack burger which we call “mancane” because of its size 🙂

  7. My daily struggle is sitting in the Joburg traffic. I hate it! I would skip the traffic for a KFC Smokey Avo Twister anyday #SoWorthIt :p

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